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Kolkata boy sends rape threat message to an Indian student in Melbourne
Source: News Desk/ Sources

Kolkata boy sends rape threat message to an Indian student in Melbourne

A young boy from Kolkata, Agniswor Chakraborty, has been detained by Kolkata Police for sending a sexually explicit rape threat to a girl in social media. Social media has been abuzz with screenshots of his rape message, many alarmed by what triggered the young boy to send such a hateful message. Many have been petitioning votes in, calling for the strictest action possible against the ...

Cricket Enthusiast? Sign up for ‘Team Nepal’ and play with Australian professionals

Nepali cricket enthusiasts now have a chance to participate in a champions league tournament organized by Melbourne Renegades. Interested people have to register by the 16th of October. To do so by follow the link. Cricket Australias Community Ambassador Tara Gair has said that the invitation is being sent out to create a Nepali team to...

3rd AGM of Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association held

The third Annual General Meeting of Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association has been successfully held in Adelaide on the 7th of October. The AGM was held in two parts one in the morning which featured presentations of high caliber and clinical significance by Dr. Chandra Pokharel, Dr. Kush Shrestha, Dr. Anju Pandey, Dr. Sarbin Ranjitkar, and Dr. Arjun Burlakoti. The AGM was a...

South Australia celebrates Dashain with great pride

It is no doubt that Australia is a multi-cultural country. People from different races have come into this country and call it home, Nepalis included. Cultural assimilation is an important aspect of multiculturalism, and Australia knows just how to do that. One can find Australians celebrating Chinese New Year, South American festivals, and now this year Nepali Dashain. An estimated 100,000 Nepali...

Gorkhali Cup 2017: Royal Rhinos bat their way to victory

Royal Rhinos Cricket Club has lifted the first ever Gorkhali Cup.Playing against Sagarmatha Cricket Club. Royal Rhinos clinched their 122 runs target in 18.2 overs. Organised by Gorkhali Cricket Club, the tournament was held in TW Blake Park on the 23rd and 24th September, and the finals on 1st October. This victory is the second for Royal Rhinos in 2017, the first one being the winners of VNCA Su...

Bibek Guragain to serve a 10 months sentence for illegal video filming, apologises to victims

Bibek Guragain, who was arrested in June for secretly filming illicit videos of Woolworths employees and customers in Surry Hills Woolworths has been sentenced to ten months (six months non parole) jail sentence on Thursday. He has publicly apologised for his actions and says he is still trying to figure out why he did it. The court heard he had 250 images saved on his phone camera when he was...

Australians hand over 51,000 illegal firearms in gun amnesty

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said about 51,000 illegal firearms, a fifth of all illegal guns in the country, were surrendered in a three-month amnesty ending Friday. Turnbull said Australias tough gun ownership laws, which ban all semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns, severely limits the chances of a Las Vegas style mass shooting. The killer there (in Las Vegas) ha...

Dashain in Australia: Nepalis in a festive spirit
Source: News Desk

Dashain in Australia: Nepalis in a festive spirit

With just a couple of days left, people are managing their times to visit relatives/families to get their Tika (blessings) from elders. And this year, the level of celebrations in the Nepali community of Australia was no less than that of Nepal. The auspicious times for Ghatasthapana, Tika, and Devi Bisarjan for each Australian city was published by Nepali Hindu Parishad. Treasurer of Nepali Hindu...

Australian opposition party leader Bill Shorten extends Dashain greetings
Source: Media Release

Australian opposition party leader Bill Shorten extends Dashain greetings

Australias opposition Labour Party leader has extended greetings on the occasion of Nepali festival Bada Dashain. The Partys federal parliamentary leader Bill Shorten extended the best wishes to all Nepalis saying Bada Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepali people.With increasing Nepali population in Australia, Australian prime minister and opposition party leaders have been giving importance t...

Chitwan Samaj Australia welcomes Dashain with a cruise party
Source: Sources

Chitwan Samaj Australia welcomes Dashain with a cruise party

Chitwan Samaj Australia has welcome Dashain with fervour - a cruise party. The cruise started from Dockland and for fours hours, party people sailed watching the Melbourne skyline and the vast ocean. Around 300 guests were present and had a good time dancing to Nepali music and enjoying Nepali food. Societys President Som Gurung said that this was the second time Chitwan Samaj Society hosted a cru...

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