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A statue of Captain James Cook has been vandalised in Melbourne

The statue was found covered in paint on Thursday. Graffiti depicted an Aboriginal flag and the words: We remember genocide. Australia Day, the anniversary of British settlement, causes annual debate over indigenous sensitivities. The Australian government said the vandalism was disgraceful. These vandals are trashing our national heritage and should be prosecuted, tweeted Minister for Ci...

Sydney train strike to go ahead

Sydney commuters will possibly face one of their toughest commute days on Monday - with the Sydney Train workers voting to go ahead with their earlier decision of a 24 hour strike on Monday. In a text poll, less than 6percent of the Rail, Tram and Bus Unions (RTBU) 6000 members in NSW voted in favour of calling off the strike. Industrial action will begin from tomorrow, when workers enact a...

Man shot dead in Bankstown in an execution style, gunman at large

A man has been shot dead in an execution style (close range with no immediate routes of escape, a situation where the victim is in the mercy of the killer) in caf in Bankstown. The man is believed to be a well known lawyer and in his 60s. He was at the Happy Cup Caf in Bankstown around 3:40 p.m. when a man in a green shirt appeared before him with hand gun. He was shot in the pelvis area and did ...

More asylum-seekers to leave remote Australian camps for U.S. resettlement

Another 58 asylum-seekers held in an Australian-run detention center on Papua New Guinea (PNG) will leave on Tuesday for resettlement in the United States under a controversial refugee swap deal, a source familiar with the plan told Reuters. The asylum-seekers are the third and largest group to be given U.S. resettlement, ending a three-month hiatus in a transfer program that had been described...

Richmond train crash: 16 injured as train hits a buffer, no casualties

Just before 10 a.m. on a Monday morning, a Sydney Train crashed at Richmond Station. The train, although intending to stop, overshot the platform and hit a buffer at the end zone. Awaiting passengers in the platform watched in horror the train crash, jump a few inches and back on its rail, and the dust settling down. Passengers in the train were thrown about causing multiple injuries, thankfull...

Expert Visa and Education Services Fair 2018 an opportunity for students to avail free and professional guidance

Expert Education and Visa Services, Brisbane is organizing an Education and Visa Fair 2018 on Monday, 22nd of January. The fair will be held in their office at 97 Creek Street, Brisbane. 25 plus educational institutions have decided to be a part of the fair. Students, prospective or current, will have an opportunity to consult with any of the 25 educational institutions/universities; enquire a...

Feeling the heat Australia? Southeast Australia being hit with another heatwave

The Bureau of Meteorology Australia has issued another alert: SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Third update for hot weather and #fire danger in SA, southeastern states. Update at 1.30pm AEDT Fri 19 Jan., says the tweet. Adelaide is currently at a scorching 41 Celsius, Melbourne at 39 Celsius. Melbourne has had no respite since last night, temperatures hovering at the 30s even at night. Some hope of ...

British backpacker Amelia Blake found dead in Newtown with Nepali chef Brazil Gurung in Newtown apartment,murder-suicide suspected
Source: Images: Social Media

British backpacker Amelia Blake found dead in Newtown with Nepali chef Brazil Gurung in Newtown apartment,murder-suicide suspected

The bodies of 22 year old British backpacker Amelia Blake and a Nepali man Brazil Gurung (33) has been found in a Newtown apartment on Friday. The police are treating the incident as a murder-suicide case. Gurung, a 33 year old Nepali man had met Blake when they worked together at Fogo Brazilia Churasco, Newtown. A post-mortem has been carried out but police do not have all the results The ...

Sydney and NSW train workers announce strike

Train workers in New South Wales will strike for 24 hours later in the month, potentially plunging the struggling Sydney rail network into further chaos. Transport workers across the state network and in Greater Sydney would stop work for 24 hours from 12:01am on Monday, January 29, the union announced. The Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) said the industrial action was the result of a refusa...

ATO to dig into taxation history of international students, visa holders, and migration agents
Source: Inputs from SBS and The Courier Mail

ATO to dig into taxation history of international students, visa holders, and migration agents

According to a report in The Courier Mail, the Australian Taxation Office has decided to audit visa holders, international students working in Australia and migration agents who aid people in their migration process. Over 20 million migrants records shall be checked to ensure they have paid taxes and enforce superannuation requirement. The audit shall also scrutinize migration agents to check frau...

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