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SpaceX launches rocket 6 months after accident, then lands

SpaceX sent a Falcon rocket soaring toward orbit Monday night with 11 small satellites, its first mission since an accident last summer. Then in an even more amazing feat, it landed the 15-story leftover booster back on Earth safely. It was the first time an unmanned rocket returned to land vertically at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and represented a tremendous success for SpaceX. The company led b...

Closest 'habitable' planet found 14 light years away

Astronomers have discovered the closest potentially habitable planet found outside our solar system, orbiting a star just 14 light years away. The planet, more than four times the mass of Earth, is one of three that the team detected around a red dwarf star called Wolf 1061. It is a particularly exciting find because all three planets are of low enough mass to be potentially rocky and have a...

Anonymous hackers target Iceland sites in whaling protest
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Anonymous hackers target Iceland sites in whaling protest

REYKJAVIK: Activist hackers from the Anonymous collective have claimed responsibility for bringing down five government websites in Iceland in a protest against whale-hunting by the North Atlantic nation. The sites, which included the prime ministers official website and that of the environment and interior ministries, went offline on Friday and remained down until about midday on Saturday. ...

Smart card to replace driving license from December
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Smart card to replace driving license from December

Department of Transport Management is set to take applications for electronic smart driving license from mid December, with view of replacing old paper-based licenses. In the first phase, DoTM has planned to distribute a total of 160,000 smart licenses in the Kathmandu Valley. According to spokesperson Basanta Adhikari, smart licenses will be distributed from all 14 Transport Management Offices...

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