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UML warns govt against making any key decisions, appointments

The main opposition party, CPN-UML, which has emerged as the single largest party in the recently held parliamentary and provincial assembly polls, has warned the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) not to make any key decisions that may have long-term impacts including key appointments and promotion of police officials. The UML has renewed its warning as the government is preparing to declare tempora...

Nepal to ask India for more electricity
Source: RSS

Nepal to ask India for more electricity

The government is requesting India to increase electricity export to Nepal as well as resume supply affected by New Delhis ban on pollutant sources that reduced power generation of captive power plants. Nepal will formally make the request with India in the upcoming Joint Steering Committee (JSC) meeting to be held in New Delhi on December 21 and 22, according to officials of the Ministry of En...

Government should not designate chiefs in Seven Provinces: leader Nepal

CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has said the caretaker government should not designate the Pradesh Pramukh or Chief in the Seven Provinces. At a programme organized in the capital on Wednesday, leader Nepal said it would be unethical on part of the government to appoint province chiefs and representatives that is likely to have far-reaching consequences when a fresh public mandate has emerge...

Percentage of invalid votes is 5.18 across the country

The percentage of invalid votes in the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system of the election to the member of House of Representatives is 5.18 on an average throughout the country. Speaking at a face-to-face programme on Wednesday in the capital, Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav said that the number of invalid votes was more in the districts of the central Tarai-Madhes compared to...

Rs 820 billion required to run federal system
Source: RSS

Rs 820 billion required to run federal system

A preliminary estimate by the Finance Ministry shows that at least Rs 820 billion would be required to run the federal administration for the next three years. This will include the establishment of provincial infrastructure in the first phase, including the administrative units for the second tier of government. A significant amount will be spent on buildings, vehicles, employees training ...

Tikapur attack orchestrator elected from Kailali 1

Remember the Tikapur incident? The alleged mastermind behind the attack on security personnel in Tikapur on 24th August, 2015, Resham Chaudhary has won a seat to the Federal Parliament from Kailali 1. He was a candidate for Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJP N) and won his closest rival Madan Kumari Shah (CPN UML) with almost a double lead. He has been on the run since the incident and organsised hi...

Nepal Elections 2017: Proportional Representation Top 10 (Update)

Vote count list for Proportional Representation Candidates for the House of Representatives. In the lead is CPN UML with Nepali Congress close behind. For the House of Representatives, entire Nepal will be considered as a single constituency. Seats to the parties will be allocated proportionately on the basis of the number of votes received. For example if a party gets 10% of the votes, it w...

Nepal Elections 2017: Provincial Assembly FPTP complete

In the provincial assembly, CPN UML again has the highest with 168 members, Maoist Centre 73, Congress 41, RJP 16, FSFN 24, Naya Shakti 2, Janmorcha 2, NWPP 1, and 3 independent candidates. Counting for proportional representation is ongoing and once complete, each province shall form a provincial assembly. One of the first task of the committee is to set a province name and capital for their r...

Nepal Election 2017: House of Representatives FPTP complete

Counting for directly elected representatives in the House of Representatives is over. From the 165 directly elected members, 80 are from CPN UML, 36 from Maoist Centre, 23 from Congress, 11 from RJP N, 10 from FSFN, 1 each from RPP, Naya Shakti, NWPP, Janmorcha, and one independent from Humla. The following members constitute the MPs and will elect a Prime Minister with a majority. With th...

Fire destroys property more than 10 million in Kathmandu

Property worth millions of rupees was destroyed by fire at Baniyatar of Tokha municipality-8 in Kathmandu early on Tuesday morning. Property worth more than Rs 10 million was gutted after a furniture factory belonging to Raj Kumar Rachal caught fire due to electricity leakage. According to the Metropolitan Police Sector, New Bus Park, locals, police personnel and fire engines doused the fire...

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