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Nepali Model Sabita Karki makes it to the Top 3 of India's Next Top Model

Nepali model Sabita Karki has made it to the top 3 finalists in MTV Indias Next Top Model. She has been taking part in the competition since October, 2017. Born in Kathmandu, Karki at an age of 23 is taking on the world - step by step. Karki has been featured in various Nepali magazines including TNM and M S. She has also walked various fashion show ramps in Nepal and is now looking to make h...

Ex PM Khanal and Ex Speaker Nembang, both from CPN UML win from Ilam

CPN UML has made another clean sweep in a district - this time from Ilam, Province 1. Elected from Ilam 1 is Ex PM Jhalanath Khanal (36,807 votes) and from Ilam 2 is Ex Speaker of the Nepalese Parliament Subhash Chandra Nembang (36,514 votes). In both the constituencies, Congress candidates, Bhupendra Kattel and Keshav Thapa were second. ...

Deuba claims victory from Dadeldhura 1
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Deuba claims victory from Dadeldhura 1

Sher Bahadur Deuba, President of Nepali Congress has been elected from Dadeldhura 1. He had 28044 votes to his name. Behind him was Maoist Centres Khaga Raj Bhatta with 21115 votes.Deuba is the current Prime Minister of Nepal. ...

Rajendra Mahato, Upendra Yadav elected from Dhanusa 3 and Saptari 2

Rajendra Mahato from Rastriya Janata Party Nepal has won from Dhanusa 3. He had 30742 votes to his name whereas Bimalendra Nidhi of Congress had only 27828. Upendra Yadav of Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal has won in Saptari 2 with 21,620 votes. Behind him was Maoist Centres Umesh Kumar Yadav with 11580 votes. ...

CPN UML's Pandit beats NC's Shekhar Koirala to federal seat

One of the most competitive election battle to be fought was in Morang 6 - two prominent political figures against each other - NCs Shekhar Koirala vs CPN - UMLs Lal Babu Pandit. The final score revealed Pandit victorious with 33,941 votes. Koirala was right behind with 33,266 votes. Both the parties had a stronghold in Morang 6. Both candidates are very strong in their constituencies: Whi...

NC's Gagan Thapa elected from Kathmandu constituency 4

Intially a nail biting count with Gagan Thapa losing in Kathmandus Constituency 4, things turned around yesterday afternoon. The final count reflected NCs Gagan Thapas 21558 votes and behind him Dr. Rajan Bhattarai with 18,140 votes. Gagan Thapa has been elected from Constituency 4. ...

Kathmandu 1 victory to NC's Prakash Man Singh after winning Bibeksheel's Mishra

After what could be called a tight race competition, Nepali Congresss Prakash Man Singh clinched his victory in Kathmandu 1. Prakash Man singh gained 10936 votes whereas Rabindra Mishra only 10118. Both candidates were promising and ensured a well battle. A journalist and literature enthusiast, Rabindra Mishra has joined politics through Bibeksheel Sajha - a new poltical party with promising asp...

NOC hikes price of petroleum products
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NOC hikes price of petroleum products

Following the completion of the elections of House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has increased the price of petroleum products. According to spokesperson of NOC Birendra Goit , the corporation has increased Rs 2 in petrol, Rs 3 in diesel and kerosene and Rs 5 in aviation turbine fuel (ATF) for domestic flights. Likewise, for international flight, the...

Election update
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Election update

The vote counting is underway of the House of Representatives (HoR) and Provincial Assembly (PA) in most of the districts. According to the latest updates, result of seven constituencies of HoR has been announced. Among which, CPN-UML has won in 5 places, CPN (MC) has won 1 and independent has won one. Likewise, the left-alliance is taking lead in 56 constituencies among which, UML is ahead 38 ...

Left Alliance shakes Congress stronghold in Morang

While Morang-6 was considered a strong hold of Nepali Congress, the Left Alliance are leading in all the six constituencies, primary vote counting of House of Representatives shows. In Constituency 1, Dig Bahadur Limbu of Nepali Congress has received 6,152 votes whereas UMLs Ghanshyam Khatiwada has received 6,575 votes. In Constituency 2, Rishikesh Pokhrel has received 4,510 votes while op...

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