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Putin orders sanctions against Turkey after downing of jet

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday called for sanctions against Turkey, following the downing this week by Turkey of a Russian warplane. The decree published on the Kremlins website Saturday came hours after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had voiced regret over the incident, saying his country was truly saddened by the event and wished it hadnt occurred. It includes a ban o...

Planned Parenthood shooting: Suspect said 'no more baby parts'

The suspect in a deadly gun attack on a Colorado family planning clinic said no more baby parts during his arrest, US media report. Witnesses say Robert Lewis Dear was motivated by opposition to abortion, according to Planned Parenthood, which runs the clinic in Colorado Springs. Two civilians and a police officer died and nine other people were injured. US President Barack Obama has rene...

Paris attacks: France holds service two weeks after massacre
Source: BBC News

Paris attacks: France holds service two weeks after massacre

France has held a national memorial service for the 130 people who died in the Paris attacks two weeks ago. Some 2,600 people attended the service in central Paris, including President Francois Hollande, survivors of the attacks and victims families. A minutes silence was held and the names of all the victims read out. Attackers with assault rifles and suicide belts targeted a number of sites i...

Colorado Springs: Three killed in shooting at Planned Parenthood clinic

A shooting at a family planning clinic in Colorado Springs has left two civilians and a police officer dead, with the suspected gunman under arrest. Nine other people were injured during the standoff at the Planned Parenthood clinic, which lasted five hours before the suspect surrendered A number of people were trapped inside the building as shots were exchanged. The motive remains unclea...

Turkey-Russia jet downing: Moscow beefs up defences in Syria

Russia has strengthened its anti-aircraft defences in Syria by moving a cruiser towards the coast and deploying new missiles at its main base. The Moskva cruisers long-range air defence system will provide cover for Russian aircraft, as will the S-400 missiles which arrived on Thursday. The row over Turkeys downing of a Russian combat jet on Tuesday rages on. Turkish President Recep Tayyi...

Pope faces challenge in Uganda, where gays are under attack
Source: CNN

Pope faces challenge in Uganda, where gays are under attack

Kampala, Uganda :God isnt hard to find in Kampala. The Lords name is invoked at the Grace is God Milk Center on one street in the Ugandan capital, and the My God is Good Oooh Boutique on another. And if its wine you seek, theres the Pool of Gods Grace liquor store around the corner. On a Sunday at Rubaga Cathedral, perched on one of Kampalas famous hills, the faithful pack the pews for the a...

Walker’s father sues Porsche
Source: RSS

Walker’s father sues Porsche

LOS ANGELES: Paul Walkers father sued Porsche for negligence and wrongful death on November 25 over the 2013 accident that killed theFast & Furiousstar. Walkers father, who is the executor of his sons estate, filed the lawsuit claiming that the Porsche Carrera GT that his son was riding in lacked safety features that could have saved the actors life. The lawsuit cites features included in ot...

Saudi Arabia 'to execute more than 50 convicted of terrorism'

Amnesty International has expressed alarm at reports that the authorities in Saudi Arabia are planning to execute dozens of people in a single day. The newspaper Okaz said 55 people were awaiting execution for terrorist crimes, while a now-deleted report by al-Riyadh said 52 would die soon. They are thought to include Shia who took part in anti-government protests. Amnesty said that given...

COP21: Public support for tough climate deal 'declines'
Source: BBC

COP21: Public support for tough climate deal 'declines'

Public support for a strong global deal on climate change has declined, according to a poll carried out in 20 countries. Only four now have majorities in favour of their governments setting ambitious targets at a global conference in Paris. In a similar poll before the Copenhagen meeting in 2009, eight countries had majorities favouring tough action. The poll has been provided to the BBC ...

Florida court convicts Derek Medina over Facebook photo murder

A Florida man who killed his wife and posted a photo of the body on Facebook has been found guilty of murder. Derek Medina admitted taking the picture on his phone and uploading it onto the social media site. He failed to convince the jury that he had shot Jennifer Alfonso eight times in self-defence after years of abuse. He said his wife was threatening him with a knife when he shot her in the...

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