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Nepali owned/operated Niji Sushi Bar wins “Business Excellence award” by Randwick City Council

For the third time in a row, Niji Sushi Bar, a restaurant owned and operated by Nepalis, has won the Outstanding Restaurant of the Year, an award conferred by the Randwick City Council. The award is held every two years by the City Council and Niji Sushi Restaurant was a recipient in 2013 and 2015 as well. In the 2017 Business Excellence awards, Niji restaurant alongwith the Outstanding Restaurant...

Hackers steal money from NIC Asia Bank
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Hackers steal money from NIC Asia Bank

Unidentified cybercriminals have reportedly hacked into the SWIFT system of NIC Asia Bank to steal money, exposing vulnerability in the information technology system of Nepali banks. The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the central bank, has confirmed the reported cyber theft which took place during the Tihar vacation, when all the banks and the central monetary authority remained closed. We, howeve...

Buddha Air to operate international flights from Pokhara

Buddha Air has officially announced it will be operating international flights from Pokhara using Airbus A320 aircraft after the new airport is completed. The carrier made the announcement at a celebration marking its 20th anniversary on Wednesday. The countrys leading domestic airline also declared that two ATR planes would be inducted into its fleet next year. Birendra Bahadur Basnet, mana...

Durbar Marg Under Invoicing Scam: Formal Investigation to be launched

The government has said it will open a formal investigation over the under-invoicing scam of Durbar Marg based retailers from Friday. The Department of Supplies Management told a press conference on Wednesday that further investigation is needed before taking action against the retailers, who were accused of charging exhorbitant prices by marking up prices as much as 2,300 percent. The investig...

Commonwealth scraps $2 ATM Fee, ANZ, Westpac, and NAB follow suit

Amidst growing concerns of customer complaints regarding the $2 ATM withdrawal fee for withdrawing from other banks, Commonwealth on Sunday decided to scrap the fees and make it free for its customers to withdraw money from any national ATM they wished to. The other three big banks of Australia, ANZ, Westpac, and NAB followed suit. The banks have been receiving high praises from its customers via ...

Chinese Bank renews loan grace period for Upper Trishuli 3A Hydro
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Chinese Bank renews loan grace period for Upper Trishuli 3A Hydro

The Export-Import (Exim) Bank of China has renewed the grace period of the loan provided to Upper Trishuli 3A Hydroelectric Project by four-and-a-half years. The state-owned bank of China has written to the Ministry of Finance to officially inform about extension of the grace period. The renewal of the grace period, which had expired more than a year ago, implies the country can start repaying ...

Business Chamber to be established in Melbourne to increase Nepal-Australia trade

In a bid to promote Nepal - Australia relations, newly appointed Nepalese Ambassador to Australia Her Excellency Lucky Sherpa held a meeting with the heads of the Consualte office of different states of Australia. In a bid to increase bilateral relations, it was suggested that an official Business Chamber be established in Australia to promote trade and business relations within the two countries....

Year of economic 'boom' but challenges for retaining sustainable and rapid growth
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Year of economic 'boom' but challenges for retaining sustainable and rapid growth

- Mahendra Subedi/ Kathmandu The countrys economy turned astounding in the fiscal year 2016/17, thanks to regular power supply and subsequent expansion of the industrial output, regular monitoring of the development projects, efforts for good governance, favourable climatic condition, sufficient rainfall resulting in the record high paddy production in the countrys history, among others. The p...

NEPSE applies circuit breaker to control unusual surge
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NEPSE applies circuit breaker to control unusual surge

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has today put the circuit breaker following an unusual surge in the domestic share market. The unexpected increment in the share market prompted the NEPSE to apply the circuit breaker. According to the NEPSE, 2.598 units of share worth Rs 1.39 billion of a total 144 companies were traded today. Countrys stock market has been on a bullish run these days. NEPSE inde...

Investment Bank reports 2.3 million missing
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Investment Bank reports 2.3 million missing

Nepal Investment Bank has filed a complaint before the police about Rs. 2.3 million missing from its coffers. A complaint has been received stating that the amount went missing with the involvement of the banks staff, said Chief of District Police SP Arjun Chand. Necessary investigation has thus begun at the Kailali branch of the bank. The details about who was involved or when did the cash ...

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