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Prince Harry spotted carrying ‘Doko’ in Gorkha

Prince Harry spotted carrying ‘Doko’ in Gorkha

2016-03-26, RSS

Prince Harry was spotted carrying Doko (bamboo basket) in the rural village of Lapu-3 in Gorkha district on Friday.

The villagers were surprised to see him in their village. Prince Harry was busy in carrying stones for the construction of building for quake-ravaged Pravat Kiran Secondary School during daytime, sources said.

Harry reached Lapubeshi on Thursday evening from Prithvi Highway. 

Locals and students welcomed him in the village. The British Prince walked for three hours to reach the school.

Local Ram Gurung informed that Prince Harry reached Lapu on Thursday. He said that Prince Harry was also working at a local small hydropower project. The hydropower project at the bank of Budhigandaki was damaged by the quake of April 25, 2015.

Locals refused to speak as they were told not to say anything about the arrival of British Prince in their village.

He is staying at a local hotel. Around 15 British Army personnel are working with Prince Harry.


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