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Understand Nepal's exact situation, policies, efforts: PM

Understand Nepal's exact situation, policies, efforts: PM

2016-05-12, RSS

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Wednesday urged neighboring countries, foreign diplomats and the international community to remain updated on the exact situation, feelings, efforts and policies of the government, in order to eliminate confusion and misperceptions.

Speaking at a briefing for the diplomatic community in Kathmandu, Prime Minister Oli said, "There should not be any confusion in any level of the diplomatic community on the efforts we are making, policies we are initiating to resolve problems related to reconstruction, implementation of Constitution and concluding peace process."

While trying to persuade the international community about the stability of his government, he said, "In democracy, all governments are periodic and temporary, but it doesn't mean that present government is in crisis."

The PM also said the government was making efforts for the implementation of the new Constitution, and alongside this it was trying to convince the Madhes-based parties which have been protesting against the Constitution.

"Everything can be resolved through dialogue and we are committed to amending the Constitution to fulfill the dissident parties' genuine demands," the PM said.

On the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa briefed the foreign diplomats about the government's efforts for reconstruction of structures damaged by the massive earthquakes last year and its efforts aimed at concluding the peace process.

While visiting different countries, he felt that there were still misperception and misunderstanding that the Constitution was not complete, inclusive and broad-based, DPM Thapa said adding that the fact of the matter was critics have either not studied the new Constitution fully or they do not want to assess its contents objectively and fairly.

Thapa stressed that in terms of process the new Constitution was broad-based, consultative and participatory, in terms of content it was comprehensive, inclusive and substantive, and in terms of orientation it was progressive and forward-looking.

"We have already amended 193 laws incompatible with the Constitution and additional 138 laws will be enacted within a year," he added in reference to implementation of the new Constitution.

During their addresses, the PM and DPM also floated the need for local level elections to help ensure democratic exercises at the people's level, rule of law and an end to the absence of people's representatives at local bodies.

"As it might take some time to determine the number [of constituencies], boundary and legal basis of local level elections as per federal structure, the local level election pending since the past 19 years was a must," Thapa said.

Talking about the recent debate on transitional justice mechanisms, DPM Thapa said, "We are mindful of the fact that rigid legality should not lead to an unraveling of the progress we have so far made in transforming society from conflict to peace and undermine our efforts to sustain peace."

The two leaders also reviewed the bilateral relations with neighboring countries and updated the diplomats on the progress made of late on transit, connectivity and infrastructure development amidst the uneasy situation at Nepal-India border points with interruption of supplies, huge loss of life from earthquakes and heavy setbacks to the economy.

They also sought concrete support not only in development cooperation but also in encouraging the private sector to invest in productive areas so as to help the government fully focus on the economic agenda.

Present on the occasion were DPMs, ministers, ambassadors and heads of foreign diplomatic missions, among others.

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