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Nepal Day Parade in New York

Nepal Day Parade in New York

2016-05-23, RSS


The Nepali Diaspora in New York has organized a Nepal Day Parade with much fanfare on Sunday to mark the Republic Day of Nepal.

The Nepal Day Parade was organized by Nepali migrants, amidst patriotic songs such as 'Yo Nepali Shira Uchali,' Reshan Firiri'... resonating across the streets of New York, Chairman of Public Liaison Committee, America, Ananda Bista told Republica Online.

Held for the first time ever, the general objective of the parade was to introduce the cultural pride of Nepal and Nepalese Americans amongst the diverse communities of immigrants in the City of New York. The specific objective was to promote trade and tourism of Nepal, and to help Nepalese Americans to intermingle in the mainstreaming process in the United States.

The Parade Day was inaugurated by Sewa Lamsal Ahikari, Deputy Representative of the Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations and Daniel Dromm, a Council Member of the New York City Council.

Almost 5,000 Nepalese, clad in their traditional ethnic attire and accompanied by their cultural music and dance, participated in the parade.

The program, which is aimed at breaking illusion among the foreigners that Neapl is not safe to visit following the earthquake of April 25 last year, was organized in a joint collaboration of Public Liaison Committee, America, and Nepali Diaspora Forum and Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, America.

Over four dozen New York-based unions had participated in the program. This is the first program ever organized by Nepali migrants.

Nepal Day Parade New York

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