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Hamro Nepali Pathshala Completes its First Year

2014-12-08, RSS

Hamro Nepali Pathshala, Melbourne celebrated the completion of its first year on 7th of December 2014 at Vermont South Community House, Vermont South. The program was attended by almost 45 people, which included students, parents and members of Nepali community. Welcoming the attendees, the Pathshala Founder Kusum Pokharel expressed her gratitude to students, parents and teachers for their constant involvement and support in the smooth running of Pathshala and said she expects the same in the future as well. During the program, twenty-two Students were awarded with certificates of completion of a year of Pathshala. Similarly, volunteer teachers Ashok Khatiwada and Bahini Baba Pant were also honored for their contribution to Pathshala. The program was also attended by three second generation Nepali youths -Anupam Shrestha, Nirvana Bhandary and Sambridhi Adhikari. These youths are pursuing university degrees at the moment and excelling at their respected fields. They spoke about their experience of being Aussie Nepali kids in Australia. Sambridhi, who has been involved in a charity project of promoting health education among Nepali Children in Nepal, gave a presentation of her project work at the program. Her work was highly appreciated by Pathshala students since later in the program, some of the students were seen discussing among themselves about how they would like to help "less fortunate" children of Nepal in future. Started as a pilot project at the beginning of 2014, Pathshala had 24 enrolled students, out of whom 20 attended regularly this year. Although started with a sole plan to teach Nepali language and culture, Pathshala has extended its role beyond that. . It is also helping the students in developing different socio-cultural and leadership skills. Pathshala students have so far contributed in NAV functions and Nepal Festival. Their contributions include welcome speech, National anthem and dances.Hamro Nepali Pathshala will re-open from 2nd of February 2015.


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