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Jhapali Samaj Australia collects Rs. 1.4 million to support Jhapa

2014-12-04, RSS

Jhapali Samaj Australia has collected Rs. 1.4 million from a fund collection campaign in a bid to develop educational sector of Jhapa district, Nepal. The Samaj was established three years ago with an aim to improve educational and infrastructural development of Jhapa district, Nepal. The Samaj is trying to collect Rs. 5 million to open a permanent account to invest the funds to contribute on educational and infrastructural development in Jhapa. Earlier, the Samaj donated Rs. 5, 18,000 to construct a funeral site in Kankai Mai, Jhapa. Likewise, it awarded Rs. 2, 11,000 to ANFA Cup winner- Jhapa 11 to honor the players. The Samaj also distributed educational materials worth Rs 3000to Fulbari Secondary School in Chakchaki, Jhapa some months ago. The Samaj also organized Deusi Bhailo program in Tihar and collected Rs 1 million with an aim to contribute for the development of birth land, said Bhupal Sitaula, secretary of the Samaj. Jhapali Samaj Australia has been supporting and contributing a lot in various sectors for the development of Jhapa district in various ways from a long time.


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