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Gulmi Samaj Australia's Interim Committee formed

Gulmi Samaj Australia's Interim Committee formed

2016-07-05, Press Release

04/07/2016 is an important historical day for Gulmi Samaj Victoria Australia. The organization has formed its first Interim executive Committee via a community meeting at Mitcham Park, Mithcham Victoria Australia. The organization has been formed when a necessity for a not for profit organization to support the Gulmeli’s of Australia was realized.

Executive Members elected are as following;

1. Mr Janak Raj Gautam from Wami VDC - President

2. Mr Lal Singh KC from Wami VDC - Vice President 

3. Mr Gandhi Prasad Bhattarai(Deepak) from Turang VDC  - Secretary 

4. Mr Chiranjibi Pandey from Tamghas Municipality- Vice President 

5. Mr Kailash Sapkota from Kurgha VDC  - Treasurer

6. Mr Salik Ram Aryal from Shringa VDC - Member

7. Mr Ram Chandra Pokhrel from Nayagaun VDC- Member 

8. Mr Ranjan Dhakal from Khadagkot VDC  - Member 

9. Mr Narbhadur Khatri from Wami VDC - Member

10. Mr Rajendra Joshi from Wami VDC - Member


Advisory Committee;

1. Mr Krishna Prasad Chalise from Paudi Amarai VDC 

2. Mr Mani Ratan Sapkota from Arlangkot VDC 

3. Mr Shiva Lal Sapkota from Wami VDC 


Special Guest Advisor 

Mr Bhim Lal Sapkota


Constitution Development Committee 

1. Laxman Sapkota

2. Rajan Pokhrel 

3. Suchak Sapkota

Financial Committee

1. Subhas Kharel from Kurgha VDC 

2. Prem Sapkota from Wami VDC

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