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Sadbhawana Chair Mahato blames govt for clash at no-man’s land

Sadbhawana Chair Mahato blames govt for clash at no-man’s land

2016-07-31, RSS

Sadbhawana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato has remarked that no infrastructure should be built at no-man’s land along Nepal-India border without the agreement between the two countries.

Mahato said so during his visit to Nepal-India border at Tilathi in Saptarai district where Nepalis and Indians clashed on Thursday after the latter built a makeshift levee allegedly encroaching upon the Dasgaja region. The Sadbawana Party chairman, who was accompanied by a dozen central members of his party including senior vice chairmen Mirgendra Singh Yadav and Nawal Kishor Sah, blamed irresponsibility on the part of Nepal government for the clash.

“The government is engrossed in the worry of losing the chair, while the people are fighting to defend the border,” said leader Mahato. He went on to say that problems at Nepal-India border have been increasing due to the state’s failure to resolve the controversy over dam construction through diplomatic efforts and timely initiatives.

 “The clash at Tilathi is the result of government’s lack of accountability. The government is bent on ruining the 'Roti-Beti' relationship between Nepal and India and stir a fight between the people of two countries. The government’s lack of responsibility has caused a situation where maternal uncle and nephew are fighting,” said leader Mahato. He further charged that the government is afflicted by bad feelings towards Madhes.   

Twelve people were injured in a clash on Thursday after the Nepali side removed the makeshift levee built by Indian side on Wednesday. Locals had claimed that the structure could cause inundation in the Nepali territory.

People on the Indian side started making the levee on Wednesday after a dam was destroyed by the rain-swollen Khado stream.

In a different context, leader Mahato said that his party had already made up its mind to vote against the KP Oli-led government though Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Centre) had not asked for support to topple the government.

“We always wanted to topple KP Oli government that showed towards India’s Utter Pradesh when we demanded separate Madhes state,” said Mahato, “That’s why we supported the alliance that stood against the government.”

He made it clear that his party would not join Nepali Congress (NC)-Maoist coalition government. He arrived here to distribute relief to the flood victims on behalf of the party. He visited the flood affected VDCs in southern part of the district. 

Sadbhawana Chair Mahato Clash at no-man’s land

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