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China is willing to increase investment in Nepal: Mahara

China is willing to increase investment in Nepal: Mahara

2016-08-17, RSS

What is your assessment after meeting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi?

My visit to China is yet to be complete as there are a couple of other important meetings lined up. I will be in a better position to talk about the assessment after meeting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and the leaders of communist Party of China.

My meeting with Foreign Minister Wang Yi has made it clear that both the countries are looking forward to strengthening bilateral relationship.

What were the concerns of China?

Being a special envoy of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, we spoke about priority of new government in Nepal. China’s approach towards Nepal has been positive. They are willing to increase investment in Nepal and thus want Nepal to create a conducive environment for the purpose. Likewise, there were some security concerns. I reiterated Nepal’s position on One China Policy and informed the government won’t allow any activities against China in Nepal.

On our part, I welcomed China’s willingness to increase investment in Nepal. Also, I told them that we expect senior Chinese leaders to visit Nepal to further the Sino-Nepali friendship.

Were there any talks regarding Nepal-China-India trilateral economic cooperation?

We have been time and again pressing about the trilateral cooperation among Nepal, China, India. China is positive about it and so is Nepal. I am sure India too is positive about it. China is looking for new possibilities and a wider scope, and I believe this cooperation can open new avenues for all the stakeholders.

Amid suggestions of trust deficit between China and India, do you think this idea will work out?

China and India share a cordial relationship. I don’t think they have any issue that can prevent such kind of cooperation. Even if there is any issue between them, Nepal should play a role for bridging those gaps.


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