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'Smart' system to issue driving license across country

'Smart' system to issue driving license across country

2016-10-18, RSS

The Department of Transport Management is to bring the 'smart card system' into force to issue the driving license across the country from the next month. 

The system which is currently in practice only in the Bagmati Zone will be applicable across the country from next month, according to Department Director General Chandraman Shrestha. 

The system was introduced in the Bagmati Zone last year with the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Department is learnt to have been working on the plan to expand the system throughout the country under which electronic driving license will be issued instead of paper-based one. 

The ADB provided monetary aid of Rs 230 million to the Department to introduce the system meant for systematizing the driving license. So far around 100,000 people received 'smart' driving license in the Zone.

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