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Int'l trade fair in Dehradun to target holidaymakers

Int'l trade fair in Dehradun to target holidaymakers

2016-11-01, RSS

The Kanchanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry is set to hold a trade fair in Dehradun, the capital of India's Uttarakhand state, with an aim to promote ecotourism. 

The Chamber is holding a first ever international trade fair to promote its art, culture and tourism destinations. The event is expected to attract Indian tourists as well as tourists from other countries to Nepal. 

The five – day trade fair to start in the second week of December will showcase handicraft materials, herbs, readymade garments, Pashmina and information related to the tourism destinations through more than 40 stalls, Chamber's senior Vice Chairman, Jung Bahadur Malla said. 

"The tourists that come to Dehradun are less curious towards the tourism destinations across the border due to lack of publicity, so the fair will be held to inform them that peace has been established in post-conflict Nepal and all tourism destinations are secure," Malla added. 

The fair will also act as a medium to draw foreign investment through publicity of the possible tourism destinations. 

Int'l trade fair in Dehradun

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