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Interaction with former Finance Minister of Nepal Bishnu Paudel held in Melbourne

Interaction with former Finance Minister of Nepal Bishnu Paudel held in Melbourne

2017-02-07, NV-Melbourne

The interaction session with former Financial Minister and Deputy-General Secretary, Communist Party of Nepal (UML), Mr. Bishnu Prasad Paudel and Foreign Affairs expert, Dr Rajan Bhattarai held at Nepal Consulate Office of Victoria. 

The session was organised by the Overseas Nepalese Forum (ONF) Victoria . The principal focused on the latest political development in Nepal, the former government’s policies and their implementation, the growing Nepalese community in Australia and their concerns towards their nation, Nepal’s foreign relationships with other countries and the future of the Nepal’s economic and foreign affairs.

Speaking in the program Dr Bhattarai said the Diaspora community is a great source of learning as a platform for the leaders. Leaders are able to transfer the valuable knowledge learnt from the Diaspora community and implement changes in their own countries of the basis of their new learning. To implement these things the Leader only need to use this platform very smartly and examine the diaspora community very closely. He added that the Diaspora people’s knowledge, expertise and feedback can make a difference to develop the nation. He commented that the Diaspora community may need to change their approach in order to affect greater change, and suggested that the community’s tendency to exclusively express problems to the leaders is not going to achieve optimal outcomes. By involving the leaders in some of the decision-making and positive action taking place with the Diaspora community, much better outcomes are likely to be achieved.

The former Finance Minister Paudel then addressed the audience and talked about the latest political development in Nepal as well as its constitution and its implementation. He suggested that the political party identity is not above the Nepali identity. He went on to say “the political party, the leaders can go away, can destroy but the nation and Nepali feelings always remain”. His response to this sentiment was to request to live as a Nepali in the diaspora as he felt that it was not worth fighting each other in the name of any party organisation and requested all to be united. 

Consul General, Chandra Yonzon, stressed the interaction programme as a platform to gain information about the political and social situation of Nepal. He said the younger generation is coming into politics nowadays, which is really positive sign and people are feeling optimistic, hoping they will change the society with new vision. He expressed his thanks to the event organiser, community members, seniors, participants, and media personnel for their continuous support and positive attitude towards the community events and consulate office.

The program was chaired by ONF Victoria’s President Krishna Prasad Neupane. Nepali Janasamparka Samite, Australia’s President Suresh Pokharel, NRNA ICC Member Narayan Kafle, Jana Pargatisheel Manch, Australia Secretary Lokraj Paudel and ONF Australia Vice-President Ram Ranbhat also addressed the mass and welcome the leaders in Melbourne.

The guest speakers were welcomed to the consulate office by wrapping the Khada. At the airport the Nepal Consulate General of Victoria Hon. Chandra Yonzon, ONF Victoria president Krishna Neupane, ONF Australia Vice-President Ram Ranabhat, ONF Australia Member Prakash Shedhai along with other community member and media person greeted them in by wrapping the Khada Shawl. In the program, the participants raised their queries on problems and challenges that have arisen due to the current political situation and instability within Nepal.

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