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Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar-led MJF (D) becomes fifth largest party with merger

Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar-led MJF (D) becomes fifth largest party with merger


Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar-led Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (Democratic) has emerged as the fifth largest party in the parliament with the integration of two other parties.

The MJF-D gained strength when two parties Rastriya Janamukti Party (Loktantrik) and Dalit Janajati Party merged with it today.

At the party merger programme organized in the capital, MJF-D Chairperson Bijay Kumar Gachchahdar, Janamukti Chair Shiva Lal Thapa and Dalit Janajati Chairperson Yasoda Kumari Lama jointly announced the merger of three parties.

With the merger, the party's named has been changed to 'Nepal Loktantrik Forum', shared MJF-D Vice-Chairperson Ram Janam Chaudhary. It has become the fifth largest party in the Legislature-Parliament with 17 seats.

Speaking on the occasion, Gachchhadar said that the merger has elevated the strength and image of the party to fight for indigenous nationalities, Dalit and backward people in coming days.

Janamukti Chair Thapa and Janajati Chair lama said that they had merged with MJF-D to leverage their strengths to integrate hilly, mountainous and Terai areas of the country. Thapa and Lama have been given the position of vice-chairperson of the new party.

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