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Chitwan Samaj Australia welcomes Dashain with a cruise party

Chitwan Samaj Australia welcomes Dashain with a cruise party

2017-09-26, Sources

Chitwan Samaj Australia has welcome Dashain with fervour - a cruise party. The cruise started from Dockland and for fours hours, party people sailed watching the Melbourne skyline and the vast ocean. Around 300 guests were present and had a good time dancing to Nepali music and enjoying Nepali food. Society's President Som Gurung said that this was the second time Chitwan Samaj Society hosted a cruise and would continue doing so in the future. He also said that although far from home, enjoying Dashain with people of his home town, made him feel he was not as that far and brought back childhood memories. The cruise ship featured a huge Nepali flag, and the attendees beamed with pride, watching their national flag flutter in Australia. 

The program also honoured volunteers and organisers. In a short formal setting led by Chitwan Samaj's operator Anupam, NRN Australia's President and Chitwan Samaj's Honorary Member, Tonnou Ghothane and Founding President Ananta Poudel were honoured. The society consists of members whose native hometown is Chitwan and are spread across all cities of Australia. They are involved in numerous social welfare activities. The society had donated $1005 to NRN Australia towards the relief of the flood victims of Nepal. 


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