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Dashain in Australia: Nepalis in a festive spirit

Dashain in Australia: Nepalis in a festive spirit

2017-10-03, News Desk

With just a couple of days left, people are managing their times to visit relatives/families to get their Tika (blessings) from elders. And this year, the level of celebrations in the Nepali community of Australia was no less than that of Nepal. The auspicious times for Ghatasthapana, Tika, and Devi Bisarjan for each Australian city was published by Nepali Hindu Parishad. Treasurer of Nepali Hindu Society, Prakash Dhodari said that this was done because of increasing number of requests by Nepali people in Australia for the auspicious time to apply Tika. The auspicious times were calculated with the help of the sun-rise time in each city. The society had also made provisions for communal Jamara (Wheatgrass).

Melbourne, which has the second largest Nepali population after Sydney, also celebrated Dashain with great fervor. Communal Jamara was organized by the Community Central Committee. Puja (prayers) were offered during Navaratha (nine days of prayers), and on the tenth, the Jamara was distributed. Not only Jamara, photographs of people celebrating Tika was all over Social Media. A lot of parents also flew in to celebrate
Dashain with their children.

NRN President Tonnou Ghothane also said that ‘with the increasing number of Nepalis in Australian cities and them celebrating it, Dashain is on its path to be recognized as a festival in our multicultural cities.’ “Earlier we used to feel sad about being far away from friends and families, but this year the celebrations are as good as that of home”, he added.

The whole Nepali community was a part of the festivities, each indulged in merriment. Images of people cooking Nepali delicacies, videos of people playing cards were surfacing all over social media. Different societies also organized various programs to celebrate Dashain.

The time difrerence between Nepal and Australia is five hours and fifteen minutes. This year as people were waking up to Tika in Nepal, Australian foreheads were already bright red with Tika.

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