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South Australia celebrates Dashain with great pride

South Australia celebrates Dashain with great pride

2017-10-07, News Desk

It is no doubt that Australia is a multi-cultural country. People from different races have come into this country and call it home, Nepalis included. Cultural assimilation is an important aspect of multiculturalism, and Australia knows just how to do that. One can find Australians celebrating Chinese New Year, South American festivals, and now this year Nepali Dashain. An estimated 100,000 Nepali speaking population resides in Australia, and this year celebrated Dashain, their biggest festival with great fervor.

In a special community program, President of South Australia’s Legislative Council Russell Wortley and Dana Wortley invited Nepalis into the Parliament House to celebrate Dashain 2017. Nepalis reached the Parliament House on Thursday to celebrate Dashain. Speaking to the attendees, President Wortley who was specially intrigued by Sel Roti, a Nepali delicacy, and highlighted how multiculturalism brings in new awareness of different cultural celebrations and was fascinated behind the reasons for Dashain celebrations.

Speaking at the program, a respected member of the Nepali community, Dipak Bisht highlighted the importance of Dashain and that the 15 day celebration of Goddesses is actually a triumph of goodness and truth.

NRN Australia Vice President and NRN coordinator for South Australia, Ashok K.C. thanked everyone who was present. “This year’s Dashain has been a matter of pride. We are thankful to the Australian Government for honouring and celebrating our festival”, he said. He also said that his efforts will be towards making Dashain celebration an annual affair.


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