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Kolkata boy sends rape threat message to an Indian student in Melbourne

Kolkata boy sends rape threat message to an Indian student in Melbourne

2017-10-11, News Desk/ Sources

A young boy from Kolkata, Agniswor Chakraborty, has been detained by Kolkata Police for sending a sexually explicit rape threat to a girl in social media. Social media has been abuzz with screenshots of his rape message, many alarmed by what triggered the young boy to send such a hateful message. Many have been petitioning votes in, calling for the strictest action possible against the boy.

The young girl who is studying in Australia had posted a Skype screenshot with her brother on her Facebook page, with the caption ‘I miss you. You’re my best friend’. Agniswor had sent a ‘smile’ emoticon, which the girl deleted seeing he was not on her friend’s list. The rejection caused the young boy to outburst, posting a very threatening, emotionally disturbing rape comment.

Warning: Explicit Content

People all over India are questioning the raising of boys and their inability to cope with rejection.

Agniswor is a 24 year old Salt Lake based engineer, and friends/acquaintances have been saying he has a history of harassing women online.

IT Act, 2008 deems such comments on an online medium to be a criminal offence punishable with a three-year prison term and a fine at the first instance itself.


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