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26 year old Nepali found dead in his apartment

26 year old Nepali found dead in his apartment

2017-10-23, Image: Facebook

A 26 year old Nepali student, Anjan Kumar Bhattarai, was found dead in his apartment on Sunday evening. A permanent resident of Udaipur, Nepal, he was currently studying Accounting in Central Queensland University.  His family, currently living in Pepsicola, Kathmandu has been grief stricken since.

Anjan had stayed back in his apartment to finish his assignment after a small get together. His flat mates reaching home from work found him unusually stiff once they entered, and called an ambulance. The doctors pronounced him dead at 2 a.m. Although the exact cause of death is yet to be ascertained, doctors are assuming the reason is brain hemorrhage.

Bhattarai is survived by his parents, and a younger brother. They have requested the community to help them bring his body home for the final rituals.

Anyone wishing to help can make a direct donation to his sister Malvika Basnet (0401169225).
The account details are:

Commonwealth Bank BSB: 062105 A/c no. 10504984


Nepali boy found dead Anjan k bhattarai

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