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Himalaya Roadies: Saman Shrestha wins grand finale

Himalaya Roadies: Saman Shrestha wins grand finale

2017-10-31, PR

For a show that packed in plenty of drama, politics and highs and lows for the past three months, in the end the Himalaya Roadies finale became a tale of perseverance, quiet determination and camaraderie. With two of the strongest competitors—Saman Shrestha and Animesh Shahi—vying for the honour of being crowned the first-ever Himalaya Roadie, the final show was an apt closure to an exciting season of the game show. In what became an exciting, suspense-filled finale, Saman Shrestha eventually came out top, having quietly left behind 17 other contestants.

The finale itself was held in scenic Lakuri Bhanjyang on the Valley’s rim and saw a guest appearance by Rannvijay Singh—an Indian TV host and the first ever MTV Roadie (the Indian counterpart of the Himalaya Roadie). The two finalists were also joined by the 16 other Roadies who had been voted out previously. These contestants, however, were not just there to cheer on their favourite finalist. Split into two teams, the former Roadies partook in a best of three tug-of-war match that would determine who among Saman and Animesh would receive an advantage in the task that would determine who would win the game show. 

That advantage would go to Animesh, who had the opportunity to decide the first contestant to take on an arduous obstacle course while tied to heavy truck tyre. He, however, would not capitalise on the advantage and instead opted to go first. The move earned him plaudits from the show’s hosts and viewers, but the plan ultimately backfired with Saman beating him handily in the timed obstacle course. Animesh took 13 minutes to finish the course—having failed repeatedly in the final obstacle—while Saman jogged through the course with relative ease, clocking in at just over four minutes. 

With that Saman Shrestha became the first ever Himalaya Roadie and bagged the cash prize of Rs 880,000, along with air tickets to any destination that Silk Air operates on, and iPhone 6s and a Bajaj Avenger bike. Animesh Shahi, props to his phenomenal overall display, was not made to surrender his ‘Roadie helmet’—as was a norm for outgoing contestants—and also walked away with a round trip to Singapore. 

Himalaya Roadies: Rising through Hell, was an 18-episode long spin-off of the popular Indian game show MTV Roadies, licensed to Nepal by Viacom 18.

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