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Nari Nikunja Australia makes 25 rural Nepali women ‘entrepreneurs’

Nari Nikunja Australia makes 25 rural Nepali women ‘entrepreneurs’

2017-11-03, PR

One can sometimes see them celebrating Teej, sometimes marking ‘Women’s Day’, sometimes actively participating in the various programs held in Australia. However, their mission is one – to help women in Nepal – be it financially, morally, or making them self-reliant, most of the times all three at once. Nari Nikunja Australia is seen actively collecting funds through various programs, all for the overall development of women in Nepal. They invest in their health, education, to help raise their standard of living.

Following their mission, Nari Nikunja Australia recently helped 25 women develop their Entrepreneurship Skills. In association with Nepal Women’s Entrepreneur Association, Nari Nikunja Australia partook in a project in Manda Dada, Lalitpur. In the project Nari Nikunja Australia provided 10 lakh rupees as a loan, 5 lakhs as investment capital, 5 lakhs as various operating costs and salaries to the women of the village.

‘In fear of the money being misused, the money has been provided as a loan instead of a grant’, said Pratigya Adhikari, President of Nari Nikunja Australia. She alongwith coordinator Priti Sharma were in Kathmandu to participate in the eighth NRN Global Conference.

“We will be monitoring the progress and add funds and provide necessary assistance to the women”, she added.

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