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High school student stabs classmate in Dharan

High school student stabs classmate in Dharan

2017-11-09, Sources

In a tragic accident in Dharan, a student stabbed his classmate just outside school premises. The young boy placed under Intensive Care passed away early morning on Thursday.

Rabi Singh, an 11th grader in Dharan Higher Secondary School stabbed his classmate Biplov Parajuli on Wednesday. Other students said they were joking about something in the morning, however once school was over, Singh approached Biplov and stabbed him near the chest. Parajuli was taken to BPKIHS immediately and placed under Intensive Care. Rabi Singh breathed his last early Thursday morning.

Singh is on the run and the police have intensified their search. 

Dharan higher secondary school Classmate stabs classmate

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