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CNN Hero recipient, Maiti Nepal’s Koirala joins Nepali Congress

CNN Hero recipient, Maiti Nepal’s Koirala joins Nepali Congress

2017-11-14, RSS

CNN Hero and social worker Anuradha Koirala, who has been active against girls trafficking in national and international arena for the past three decades, has joined Nepali Congress (NC) party.

NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba welcomed Koirala amid a function organised at Baluwatar on Sunday.

Saying that economic development and prosperity of the nation is only possible through NC, Koirala added, “NC is the only party that will establish the rights of every community and take the nation in the economic development and prosperity and it is possible only inside a democratic values.”

Koirala further said that voting for NC will ensure the rights of women, dalit, indigenous, Madhesi among other marginalised communities.

“Everyone should now know that only a NC-led government will ensure the rights of all people,” said Koirala, “That’s why, at a time when constitution  implementation has become challenging, I appeal on everyone to vote for NC and end the political stalemate that has gripped the nation for six decades.

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