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Nepal India border to be sealed for 3 days (Friday-Sunday)

Nepal India border to be sealed for 3 days (Friday-Sunday)

2017-11-22, NV

In the wake of the elections, Nepal-India border crossings would be shut for 72 hours ahead of the first phase of federal parliamentary and provincial assembly elections slated for November 26.

According to Baitadi District Administration Office, the border will be sealed form Friday morning till the evening of Sunday (Nov 26). The local authorities will shut the border crossings at Jhulaghat, southern banks of Mahakali River, Dattu and Joljibi border points. 

A joint press meeting between the Nepali and Indian officials have decided to seal the border during the elections. Indian counterparts have also assuredfull security and cooperation. 

Local administration said that high caution has been adopted in border points connecting India in Baitadi and Darchula districts.

Chief District Officer at Baitadi Siddharaj Joshi, however, said that consideration will be given to sick people and emergency movements during the border seal.

Baitadi, also has been declared an alcohol free zone until the completion of vote counting. 


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