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'Blast Furnace' roasts Australia's southeast, NSW averaging 45 degrees

'Blast Furnace' roasts Australia's southeast, NSW averaging 45 degrees

2018-01-07, Sources

Parts of Australia are facing the hottest day in 5 years, let that be, Penrith at 1:55 p.m. faced its hottest day ever. At 1:55 the mercury level at Penrith was at 47.1 degrees, that is the hottest the city has ever been. Not only that, it was the hottest area in the world at the moment. 

It was the hottest day in five years in Sydney, with temperatures soaring to 45 degrees in Richmond, 43 in Liverpool and 42 in Blacktown and Parramatta.

A total fire ban has been issued for the Greater Sydney and Hunter regions. 

The heat wave or the 'blast furnace' as it is being referred to is being delivered by dry, gusty north-westerly winds sending hot air from Central Australia to Australia's south east regions. Sydney is now the hottest capital in the country. 

NSW residents have been warned to protect themselves against heat stroke, ozone pollution and fire dangers as a dangerous “blast furnace” moves across Australia.

The worse affected state is NSW, with other states showing comparatively low mercury levels. With the help of a few clouds, Victoria, it seems is enjoying a day off from the heat. The temperature hovered around the mid 20s. 

SA and QLD are enjoying temperatures around mid 30s and ACT at a 39 degrees. 

Emergency workers and authorities have warned residents to be careful of their health and their surroundings. 

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