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Be a blessing to Anshuna Maharjan, go fund her heart recovery

Be a blessing to Anshuna Maharjan, go fund her heart recovery

2018-01-08, NV

Nepalis in Australia are a good bunch of souls, no doubt about that. Perhaps, one of the most tightly knit and and active Nepali communities around the world - they are always willing to lend out a helping hand, be it earthquake, floods, to build an old-age home, to build a community centre, and this case in particular - 'Helping Anshuna Maharjan get her heart surgery'. 

Anshuna Maharjan, a Nepali student in Australia received a shocking news when she gave her medical examinations to extend her visa. The doctors told her that she has a defect in her atrial septal - literally translating to a large hole in her heart. She needs to undergo a surgery which in Australia could dent her by AUD 40,000. Her insurance does not cover that, and she in a fix reached out to the Nepali community for help. Her family also consulted doctors in Nepal where they are saying they can only comment after seeing the patient. 

Anshuna has urged every Nepali community and groups to help her in this condition. The Nepal Consulate Office of Victoria, Guthi Australia, Nepalese Association of Victoria, NRNA and other Nepalese communities have pledged their support.

268 people in 4 days have pledged a total of $8322 of the $20,000 to be raised. She needs your support in dire times like these. 

Every help is highly appreciated for her. We can donate fund through go fund me website which is mentioned below.

"I have left my job and have no income. My health has been deterioting day by day. The doctor has advised to get an operation for better chance of survival.
I have approached NRN Australia, NAV Victoria and Guthi Australia. I have received positive response from them. I am waiting for financial help from them and hopeful to receive them soon.
I would like to request all my friends from social media to help me in this campaign.
Your help would be highly appreciated and will help me to move ahead in my life. Thank you very much!!", she says. 



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