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CJ should be brought to investigation : Dr KC

CJ should be brought to investigation : Dr KC

2018-01-09, RSS

Detained senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC has advocated for the investigation over Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli. While giving a statement over the case of contempt of court at Supreme Court on Tuesday, Dr KC maintained his voice to bring CJ Parajuli into the probe.

Reiterating that he does not have any intention to defame the judiciary, Dr KC said that his fight is against the tainted judiciary system.  

CJ Parajuli should be brought into the investigation for the missing SLC certificate, alteration of the date of birth in citizenship among others, said Dr KC.

Dr KC was presented before the apex court on Tuesday morning who was taken into detention on Monday evening just a few hours after starting a hunger strike and is facing the charge of contempt of court.

Following the order of the apex court on Monday itself, the Home Ministry and the Nepal Police held Dr KC from the premises of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, where he had started a hunger strike demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli among others.

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