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Can Trump be seen going soft with the new proposal?

Can Trump be seen going soft with the new proposal?

2018-01-26, Image: Border prototype (Reuters), News: Pankaj Thapa,

Well most of us know how Trump can be? He tweets pretty much everything - then why hasn't he tweeted this counter offer propsed to the U.S. Congress by the White House? He possibly could be too busy with the 'productive meetings' he has had with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Or is he possibly softening his approach?

Trump administration has apparently offered a compromise position at the U.S Congress. In a bid to get the 60 votes, the White House has said they will create for the young illegal migrants, also known as 'Dreamers', a citizenship pathway in exchange for funding of the border wall he has been proposing since his election campaign. The framework also reportedly eliminates the visa lottery for immigrants. The U.S. Government every year awards 50,000 non-residential immigrants a green card based upon a lottery system. This visa, also know as the Diversity Visa (DV) could be scrapped if the Democrats agree to what Trump has offered. Trump has been saying he wants immigrants on the basis of merit.  The proposal would also cut migration into the US for extended family members of individuals already in the country.

Could this proposal be seen as Trump softening his staunch approach towards immigration? Some Republicans are not happy with this move by the White House - they are saying their voters will feel 'cheated' if we grant the young immigrants a citizenship. Several conservative news outlets who usually would praise Trump are being seen criticised for this move.
President Trump is currently in Davos, Switzerland attending the World Economic Forum. 

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