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Why so many sexual harassment cases in US, not UK?

There are huge differences between UK and US media law - does this explain why more Americans are being accused of sexual harassment? On 5 October, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual abuse and the dam broke. Since then, dozens of well-known Americans have been accused of sexual misconduct of some kind. This isnt drip-drip. Its a flood. The list includes film stars such as Kevin Spacey...

Ninth Australian Parliamentarian to resign over dual-citizenship
Source: Reuters

Ninth Australian Parliamentarian to resign over dual-citizenship

A ninth Australian parliamentarian will be unseated by a dual citizenship saga, as Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore, from minor party the Nick Xenophon Team, has said she will resign after learning she inherited UK citizenship from her Singapore-born mother. Australias constitution bans federal politicians from having dual citizenship. The saga has claimed the jobs of eight other politicians sin...

Queen Elizabeth and husband Philip to celebrate 70 years of marriage in a small family function

Queen Elizabeth and husband Prince Philip mark their platinum wedding anniversary with a small family get-together on Monday, a far cry from the pomp and celebration which greeted their marriage 70 years ago. The couple married at Londons Westminster Abbey on Nov. 20, 1947, just two years after the end of World War Two, in a glittering ceremony which attracted statesmen and royalty from around ...

Zimbabwe military seize power, hold President Mugabe in custody

Zimbabwes military said it had seized power in a targeted assault on criminals around President Robert Mugabe who were causing social and economic suffering, but gave assurances the 93-year-old leader and his family were safe and sound. Zimbabwean soldiers and armored vehicles blocked roads to the main government offices, parliament and the courts in central Harare, a Reuters witness said on We...

Ex-Gurkha soldier jailed for nearly hacking his wife to death with a Khukuri

A British court has sentenced a former Gurkha soldier to 14 years in prison for attempted murder of his wife. Bikash Gurung inflicted such terrible injuries on his wife Kamana that both he and a policeman who attended the scene believed she was dead. Miraculously, 37-year-old nurse Kamana survived fractures to her skull, jaw and neck and a nearly-severed finger following life-saving work by ...

Ishiguro awarded Nobel Peace Prize for Literature

Kazuo Ishiguro, the British author of The Remains of the Day, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday, honoring an exquisite novelist a year after giving it to singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, according to Reuters. Born in Japan and raised in Britain, Ishiguro, 62, won the Man Booker Prize for the 1989 novel that was made into an Oscar-nominated movie starring Anthony Hopkins as a fastid...

Hurricane Maria: Dominica ravaged and Puerto Ricans brace themselves for the worst
Source: AFP/Getty Images

Hurricane Maria: Dominica ravaged and Puerto Ricans brace themselves for the worst

It was about midnight, as Hurricane Maria was battering the Caribbean nation of Dominica, that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit took to Facebook. Roofs everywhere, he wrote, were being torn off by the powerful storms winds. He himself had to be rescued from his official residence. We will need help, my friend, we will need help of all kinds, he said, describing the damage as mind-boggling. ...

Why should immigrants speak perfect English when Australians can't?
Source: SMH.Australia

Why should immigrants speak perfect English when Australians can't?

How does Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull expect migrants to achieve functional standards of speech when most Australians cant even pronounce the name of our own country? While it appears that Turnbull has been motivated to attract more Pauline Hanson voters with his new citizenship test requirements, he is attacking the wrong communication deficit. We have a serious communication skills pro...

Australian court rejects British painkiller firm's appeal

Australias highest court on Wednesday rejected British company Reckitt Benckisers appeal of a 6 million Australian dollar ($4.5 million) fine for misleading consumers about the effectiveness of a popular painkiller. The High Court full-bench refused to hear the appeal after Reckitt Benckisers lawyers outlined its argument for why the fine imposed by the Federal Court in December was too high. ...

Prince Harry’s wish to meet Rihanna has finally come true
Source: RSS

Prince Harry’s wish to meet Rihanna has finally come true

Prince Harry might have grown up surrounded by royalty, but until this week he hasnt really been in the presence of true pop royalty. Prince Harrys lifelong wish to meet the queen of pop, Rihanna, finally came true when they both recently met in the Caribbean. Prince Harry is currently on a tour of the Caribbean where he met RiRi for the first time at an afternoon event in Bridgetown, mark...

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