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DAO refuses to provide information about CJ Parajuli’s citizenship

The District Administration Office (DAO) has refused to give details of Chief Justice (CJ) Gopal Parajulis citizenship citing it has already sent the information to the Supreme Court. Earlier on January 31, Dr Govinda KC, senior orthopedic surgeon at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), among others, had filed an application under Right to Information Act at the District Administr...

Dr. KC's lawyer claims life in danger, Dr. KC files RTI against CJ Parajuli
Source: NV

Dr. KC's lawyer claims life in danger, Dr. KC files RTI against CJ Parajuli

Breaking: Dr. KCs lawyer, Dr. Surendra Bhandari has alleged receiving life threats from CJ Parajuli and has demanded security from the District Administration Office. According to Bhandari, he has been threatened twice, once following the conclusion of Dr. KCs contempt of court case which was ruled in Dr. KCs favour and second when he gave his opinions regarding the case which was published in ...

Dr. KC breaks 14th hunger strike

Sipping juice offered by a cobbler of the hospitals premises Dr. KC broke his hunger strike after the government offered to uphold his demands. Dr. Agrawal shall continue as IoM head and other agreements have been agreed. The deal however remains silent on Dr. KCs primary issue - the resignation of CJ Parajuli. Both parties have agreed to hear the outcome of the court. CJ Parajuli has told the med...

CJ skips bench for Friday

Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli did not assign any hearing for his bench on Friday. Normally, Chief Justice assigns benches for all the cases. CJ Parajuli has been dragged in the issue of adulteration of age and education credentials in the case of contempt of court of Dr Govinda KC. According to the cause list published on Friday nine benches have been assigned for the day. Legal experts have ...

Dr KC makes 11 allegations against CJ Parajuli

Rejecting the contempt of court charge brought against him, Dr Govinda KC has accused Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli of undermining the dignity of the judiciary. He was recording his statement at the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Dr KC, who was produced before the apex court in the morning, recorded his statement regarding the contempt of court case lodged against him in a suo moto notice on Monday....

CJ should be brought to investigation : Dr KC

Detained senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC has advocated for the investigation over Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli. While giving a statement over the case of contempt of court at Supreme Court on Tuesday, Dr KC maintained his voice to bring CJ Parajuli into the probe. Reiterating that he does not have any intention to defame the judiciary, Dr KC said that his fight is against the tainted ju...

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