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Election campaign: milking cow to farming
Source: Republica

Election campaign: milking cow to farming

The election campaign was a proof to show the extent leaders went to lure voters. From milking a cow to bowing down on a womans feet, candidates applied everything at their disposal. A CPN-UML candidate milked a cow wearing suit, another one from the Rashtriya Janta Party Nepals (RJPN) reached to a womans feet and went to farms to meet voters; pictures that have become viral in the social medi...

Australia's Big Wet - stay indoors and be alert (Updates and General guidelines)

The big wet, as it is being referred to has hit Australias southern regions. SA was drenched overnight on Thursday, and Melbourne experienced its first showers early Friday morning. The rain is expected to hit Canberra in the afternoon. Sydney should be spared today but rainfall is expected on Saturday and Sunday. Victoria to be hit worst: The worst to be hit by the rain is the state of V...

Australia’s south expecting 'very heavy rainfall', VIC, NSW, SA on Flood alert

Australias southern states, especially Victorians are bracing for a rough weekend. With the weather reports reporting very heavy rainfall over the weekend, people are seen preparing for it. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe weather warning in the southwest of the state. The rainfall is expected to start from Friday evening throughout the weekend up till Monday. The heaviest bout ...

Why so many sexual harassment cases in US, not UK?

There are huge differences between UK and US media law - does this explain why more Americans are being accused of sexual harassment? On 5 October, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual abuse and the dam broke. Since then, dozens of well-known Americans have been accused of sexual misconduct of some kind. This isnt drip-drip. Its a Flood. The list includes film stars such as Kevin Spacey...

14 years of NRNA - 'Achievements and Challenges'

Firstly, congratulations to NRNA on its establishment day and as the eighth NRNA Global Conference draws near, it signals we have come a long way. NRN was established in 2003 with a vision to do something for the country, never mind being away. As NRNA takes significant strides in helping Nepal and its citizens, there are challenges within. Feeling the need for an organization which provides world...

Trump compares Hurricane Maria to Katrina
Source: BBC World

Trump compares Hurricane Maria to Katrina

President Donald Trump has told Puerto Rico officials they should be proud they did not lose thousands of lives as in a real catastrophe like Katrina. Mr Trump also said the storm-ravaged US territory had thrown the American budget a little out of whack. Before landing on the island, Mr Trump graded his administrations response to Hurricane Maria as an A plus. Puerto Rico officials have c...

Chitwan Samaj Australia welcomes Dashain with a cruise party
Source: Sources

Chitwan Samaj Australia welcomes Dashain with a cruise party

Chitwan Samaj Australia has welcome Dashain with fervour - a cruise party. The cruise started from Dockland and for fours hours, party people sailed watching the Melbourne skyline and the vast ocean. Around 300 guests were present and had a good time dancing to Nepali music and enjoying Nepali food. Societys President Som Gurung said that this was the second time Chitwan Samaj Society hosted a cru...

Patients bearing the consequences of Doctors' strike
Source: RSS

Patients bearing the consequences of Doctors' strike

Hundreds of thousands of patients across the country were deprived of health services for the fourth consecutive day on Monday due to an ongoing strike by doctors who are protesting against a government plan to introduce a new law that aims to rein in negligent medical practitioners. According to a rough estimate, around 400,000 patients visit the outpatient departments of hospitals and clinics ev...

NRB says flood losses not as much as initially estimated
Source: RSS

NRB says Flood losses not as much as initially estimated

The Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank, has said losses triggered by Floods and landslides in the second week of August will not hit the countrys economy as hard as initially feared. The country suffered record Floods following torrential rain that continued from August 11-14. The Floods killed over 150 people and left 31 districts awash in water. The natural disaster completely destroyed over...

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation to build 45 houses in Flood affected Santapur of Rautahat District

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation has embarked upon a new project, this time building an Integrated Settlement for Flood victims of Santapur, Rautahat. On the occassion of Sitaram Kattels (Dhurmus) birthday, Dhurmus along with wife Kunjana Ghimire (Suntali) and a local 107 year old Ramkaliya Devi Hazara laid the foundation stone. The integrated Settlement will consist of 45 earthquake and Flood resis...

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