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Great Barrier Reef deaths induce new directive
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Great Barrier Reef deaths induce new directive

Visitors to Australias Great Barrier Reef will be forced to wear life vests if they are deemed to be at-risk swimmers, a new safety code says. The rules are a response the deaths of 10 people - including at least four foreign tourists - on the reef in 2016. Under the Queensland state code, tourism operators will be required to identify swimmers who are potentially vulnerable before they ente...

Hidden viruses may threaten Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Australian scientists suspect a trio of viruses infecting algae from the Great Barrier Reef may aggravate coral bleaching. Healthy corals rely on a symbiotic relationship with a photosynthetic algae known as Symbiodinium. These single-celled organisms live in coral tissue and provide them with up to 90% of their nutrients. But under stressful conditions, such as elevated water temperatures, thi...

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