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Sridevi's death coverage being called the death of 'Indian Media' due to lack of sensitivity

Sridevis death coverage being called the death of Indian Media due to lack of sensitivity, unnecessary sensationalism and complete oblivion of sympathy. With the new twist in Sridevis death case revealed by the forensics report, Indian Media just could not control themselves. Except for a few, everyone pursued TRP with content that were completely void of any empathy towards her and her fami...

Woman alleges husband stole her kidney to cover 'unpaid' dowry

An Indian womans husband and brother-in-law have been arrested after she told police they stole one of her kidneys in lieu of a dowry. Local media report that the West Bengal womans husband arranged an appendicitis surgery when she was suffering stomach pain two year ago. Late in 2017, two separate medical examinations revealed she was in fact missing one of her kidneys. She alleges that ...

Indian Media in a frenzy over Sushma Swaraj's visit to Nepal

Sushma Swaraj, Indias External Affairs Minister will be paying a two day visit to Kathmandu. In her official meet she will be meeting top political leaders of the nation, including the next to be Prime Minister K P Oli. Her visit comes just ahead of the formation of the new government - a leftist politics alliance with better attachments to China - speculations therefore are natural. The Indian go...

Fawad Khan leaves India after threats

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan has reportedly left India and stalled plans to get back anytime soon after extremist Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) threatened to beat up Pakistani actors if they didnt leave India by September 25. The threat comes in the wake of the recent attack in Uri, JK, in which 18 Indian troops were killed. Although Mumbai Police promised protection to Pakistani artists in th...

Case filed against Flipkart for ‘demeaning Nepali on ground of ethnicity’
Source: RSS

Case filed against Flipkart for ‘demeaning Nepali on ground of ethnicity’

The Gorkha Samaj in India has filed a case against Indian Online Shopping Company Flipkart for demeaning a Nepali national in an advertisement unveiled recently. The Gorkha Youth and Students Union has filed a complaint at a police station in New Delhi accusing the Flipcart of presenting a Nepali minor as a sentry wearing a Nepali Bhadgaunle cap, constituting disgrace to the entire Nepali comm...

Laiza – A story of the sufferings and impact of the Nepal earthquake
Source: Aditi Subba

Laiza – A story of the sufferings and impact of the Nepal earthquake

Laiza Sometimes the end is only a beginning is a novel about the devastating earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015 in Nepal, and how the naturally rich country was affected due to the disaster. The writer,Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary, a 5th Year Law Student at the Army Institute of Law, Mohali debuts as a writer with this book.The novel highlights various themes of culture, human trafficking, bila...

Whether they are Pahadis or Madheshis, they are Nepalis first

Senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Vijay Jolly is no stranger to Nepal. His extensive ties with Nepali political leaders of all persuasions frequently bring him to Nepal. He was recently in Kathmandu to take part in the general convention of Nepal Family Party. Subhash Ghimire and Guna Raj Luitel caught up with the ex in-charge of BJPs Foreign Cell to understand what the ruling party in...

Hindu organization demands Modi ‘scrap’ Nepal’s secular constitution

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), an organization involved in promoting Hinduism, has demanded that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrap Nepals secular constitution and use his clout to declare Nepal a Hindu nation, Indian Media reported. The online version of the Indian Express reported that National Spokesperson of HJS, Ramesh Shinde speaking at the conclusion of 5th All India Hindu Co...

Over 3,600 Indian women acquire Nepal citizenship since promulgation of new constitution

Over three and half thousand Indian women have acquired citizenship of Nepal since the worlds youngest republic promulgated its new constitution September last year. The revelation comes as a mocking contrast to claims that the charter discriminates against foreign women married to Nepalese citizens. The subject of matrimony has been a bitterly debated issue ever since the new constitution came...

India says it will not claim Kohinoor diamond from UK
Source: BBC

India says it will not claim Kohinoor diamond from UK

The Indian government has said that the country should relinquish its claim to the Kohinoor diamond. Solicitor-General Ranjit Kumar told the Supreme Court that it was neither stolen nor forcibly taken away. He said the diamond had been gifted to the East India company by the former rulers of Punjab. The Kohinoor, part of the British crown jewels for 150 years, is an emotional issue for ma...

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