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Apple Inc is preparing to release three new smartphones later this year
Source: Reuters

Apple Inc is preparing to release three new smartphones later this year

Apple Inc is preparing to release three new smartphones later this year, including the largest Iphone ever, a device that may have a bigger display than arch-rival Samsungs flagship phone, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the products. The trio also includes an upgraded handset the same size as the current Iphone X and a less expensive model with some of the Xs key feat...

South Korean group files complaint against Apple CEO over iPhone slowdown
Source: Reuters

South Korean group files complaint against Apple CEO over Iphone slowdown

A South Korean consumer group has filed a criminal complaint against Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook over slower Iphone devices, after probes in Europe into allegations the firm had deliberately shortened the life of its handsets. Apple is already facing lawsuits in the United States and elsewhere over accusations of having defrauded Iphone users by slowing down devices without warning to compensate for...

Apple's battery replacement offer to reduce 2018 Iphone sales

Apple Incs offer to replace flagging batteries at a slashed rate could be a hurdle for Iphone unit sales in 2018 if more users take the deal over upgrading to a new device, Barclays analysts write in a note. Apples customers have not been very pleased since the company said last month it intentionally slowed down older Iphones with weakening batteries to prevent the handset from shutting off ab...

Apple apologizes after outcry over slowed Iphones

Facing lawsuits and consumer outrage after it said it slowed older Iphones with flagging batteries, Apple Inc is slashing prices for battery replacements and will change its software to show users whether their phone battery is good. In a posting on its website Thursday, Apple apologized over its handling of the battery issue and said it would make a number of changes for customers to recognize...

Apple admits to slowing down phones, gets sued

On Wednesday Apple admitted to slowing down older models of Iphones, on Friday it finds itself being sued. Apple had admitted using algorithms which slowed performance in older models. Apples explanation to do so was because when older phones were updated to new IOSs the battery would not be able to withstand the new power, thus the performance had to be slowed down - to prevent the phone from s...

Himalaya Roadies: Saman Shrestha wins grand finale

For a show that packed in plenty of drama, politics and highs and lows for the past three months, in the end the Himalaya Roadies finale became a tale of perseverance, quiet determination and camaraderie. With two of the strongest competitorsSaman Shrestha and Animesh Shahivying for the honour of being crowned the first-ever Himalaya Roadie, the final show was an apt closure to an exciting season ...

Man renames himself Iphone 7 to win the phone

A Ukrainian man has officially changed his name to Iphone 7 after an electronics store offered the latest Apple product to the first five people who do that. The 20-year old Iphone Sim (Seven) got the coveted prize Friday. He said he might change it back to his original name, Olexander Turin, when he has children. The price of phone starts at US$850 in Ukraine, while the name changes costs t...

Son of China's richest man buys eight Iphone 7s for his dog

In case you needed any more proof that life is unfair, a dog managed to get his paws on an Iphone 7 before you. In fact, she got eight of them, as a gift from her wealthy owner, the son of Chinas richest man. Photos doing the rounds on Chinese social media show Coco, a gorgeous Alaskan Malamute, posing with a stack of brand new Iphone 7s that her master, 28-year-old Wang Sicong bought just for ...

Apple announces iPhone 7 launch date
Source: BBC

Apple announces Iphone 7 launch date

Apple is expected to show off a new Iphone next week when the company holds its fall product launch event in San Francisco. The tech giant announced the date for the Sept. 7 launch by sending out invitations to technology journalists and industry analysts on Monday. Apple didnt provide any details, in keeping with its usual practice, but it traditionally announces one or two new Iphone model...

Google's Duo app joins crowded field of video calling
Source: BBC

Google's Duo app joins crowded field of video calling

Knock, knock, Googles video chatting app has arrived. The app, dubbed Duo, represents Googles response to other popular video calling options, including Apples FaceTime, Microsofts Skype and Facebooks Messenger app. Duo isnt much different from the other video chatting services, except that it gives a glimpse at who is making the call, helping the recipient decide whether to answer. Google c...

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