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Despite reform promises, Nepali migrant workers in Qatar get no respite, still ill-treated
Source: RSS

Despite reform promises, Nepali migrant workers in Qatar get no respite, still ill-treated

The stories of migrant workers in Qatar should reduce, or that is waht everyone believed with Qatars announcements of major reforms in its foreign labour policies. Yet, there has been no respite, as thousands complain their salaries have been long overdue. After waiting for months for salary and struggling for basic facilities like food, hundreds of them have decided to return home on their ow...

Five arrested for Gauchan murder charges, mastermind on the run

After a little more than a month, police on Tuesday made public five persons, including the shooter, arrested in connection with the murder of Sharad Kumar Gauchan. Gauchan, who was the chairman of the Federation of Contractors Associations of Nepal (FCAN), was murdered in broad daylight on October 9 at Prayag Marg near Shanti Nagar while he was on his way to the FCAN office in Anamnagar in his ve...

Nari Nikunja Australia makes 25 rural Nepali women ‘entrepreneurs’

One can sometimes see them celebrating Teej, sometimes marking Womens Day, sometimes actively participating in the various programs held in Australia. However, their mission is one to help women in Nepal be it financially, morally, or making them self-reliant, most of the times all three at once. Nari Nikunja Australia is seen actively collecting funds through various programs, all for the overa...

Hackers steal money from NIC Asia Bank
Source: RSS

Hackers steal Money from NIC Asia Bank

Unidentified cybercriminals have reportedly hacked into the SWIFT system of NIC Asia Bank to steal Money, exposing vulnerability in the information technology system of Nepali banks. The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the central bank, has confirmed the reported cyber theft which took place during the Tihar vacation, when all the banks and the central monetary authority remained closed. We, howeve...

1300 Nepali workers laid off in Qatar

Around 2500 foreign workers including 1300 Nepalis have been laid following the downfall of United Cleaning Company based in Qatar. Of those rendered jobless, 300 are Nepali women. Migrant workers from Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and African countries were employed in the company. It is learnt that the company failed to provide salary to its staff for the past three months and ...

CIAA bust Saptari Land Reform Chief taking bribe

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) caught the chief of District Land Reform Office, Saptari, red-handed with bribe in Rajbiraj on Thursday. According to DSP Kishan Singh Thapa of the Eastern Regional Police Office of the anti-graft constitutional body, Prakash Pokharel was caught red-handed while receiving Rs 100,000 as kickback from a service seeker. Pokharel ...

14 years of NRNA - 'Achievements and Challenges'

Firstly, congratulations to NRNA on its establishment day and as the eighth NRNA Global Conference draws near, it signals we have come a long way. NRN was established in 2003 with a vision to do something for the country, never mind being away. As NRNA takes significant strides in helping Nepal and its citizens, there are challenges within. Feeling the need for an organization which provides world...

Kulekhani 3 deadline extended for fifth time
Source: RSS

Kulekhani 3 deadline extended for fifth time

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has extended the completion deadline of the Kulekhani 3 Hydropower Project for the fifth time to January 2018 as construction has been running late due to its slowpoke contractor. Last week, a meeting of the board of directors of the state-owned power utility agreed to give Sino Hydro, the Chinese contractor for the civil works, six more months to complete ...

SC orders NOC Chief Khadka's reinstation
Source: RSS

SC orders NOC Chief Khadka's reinstation

In a major turn of events, the Supreme Court on Sunday reinstated Gopal Bahadur Khadka, who has been charged of embezzling over Rs800 million in land purchase deals, to the post of managing director of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC). A single bench of Justice Purushottam Bhandari issued a show cause against the governments decision to remove Khadka from his position. The apex judicial organ has a...

Trump compares Hurricane Maria to Katrina
Source: BBC World

Trump compares Hurricane Maria to Katrina

President Donald Trump has told Puerto Rico officials they should be proud they did not lose thousands of lives as in a real catastrophe like Katrina. Mr Trump also said the storm-ravaged US territory had thrown the American budget a little out of whack. Before landing on the island, Mr Trump graded his administrations response to Hurricane Maria as an A plus. Puerto Rico officials have c...

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