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‘Tag a mate, Bring a mate’ campaign for Nepal Festival 2016 Melbourne chapter

Nepal Festival 2016 Melbourne Chapter is drawing close and preparations are in frenzy. In a program organised on Saturday, NRN Australia stated the preparations that have been made till date. Almost 34 community organizations, including Nepalese Association of Victoria were a part of this discussion to make the festival a grand success, said Keshav Kandel, NRN Australias Vice President and Vict...

NAV says all Nepalese must participate in Census 2016, irrespective of legal status
Source: SouthaAsia News

NAV says all Nepalese must participate in Census 2016, irrespective of legal status

A community organisation representing Nepalese Australians living in Victoria is making the job of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) a little easier, if not entirely. Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) is reaching out to as many members of the diaspora as possible urging them to participate in the Census 2016, on August 9. To this end, the community organisation is running a vehement so...

Interaction Program between NAV and Australian Bureau of Statistics at Consulate Office

The Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) conducted an interaction program on the Census of Population and Housing (Census) with representatives from Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) at the Nepal Consulate on Friday, 22 July 2016. The Census of Population and Housing (Census) is Australias largest statistical collection undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).The next Census i...

$50,000 support towards Nepalese Community Centre in Melbourne by Hon. Consul Gen. to Victoria Chandra Yonzon; more than $100,000 raised in a fundraiser

Nepalese from Victoria have raised above $100,000 in a fund raising dinner for an own Nepalese community centre in Melbourne. The dinner was held in Laila Reception, Brunswick and Honorary Consul General to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon announced a donation of a staggering $50,000 towards the project. This is the largest personal contribution made. Funds were also raised through membership and auction...

NAV hosts its introductory and interaction program

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) has held its introductory and interaction program. This program was held with an intention to familiarize all new post holders of the association to each other. President Dr. Anupam Pokhrel introduced all members in a tea program which was held in a library hall in Coburg. He also presented NAVs immediate and future programs. Present in the program wer...

NAV Community Awards 2016 held in grand splendor, committee members take oath

Prestigious Nepalese community awards in Australia, NAV awards 2016 has been held successfully in Melbourne. There was much hype and excitement regarding the awards recipients and all was fulfilled on Saturday. Individuals and organizations were awarded for their contribution or excellence. NAV awards is held every 2 years and is organized by Nepalese Association of Victoria, an umbrella or...

NAV Election: All titles uncontested, Dr. Pokhrel as President
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

NAV Election: All titles uncontested, Dr. Pokhrel as President

Victorias Nepalese communitys umbrella organization Nepalese Association of Victoria has had its election for the next term and all positions were uncontested. Dr. Anupam Pokhrel has been elected President, Tara Gaire as Vice president, and Vice President (Female) as Manisha Rai. Santosh Pande has been elected treasurer and Abhishek K.C. as executive member. Dipak Acharya, Ani...

Dr. Anupam Pokhrel declares candidacy for NAV’s Presidency
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

Dr. Anupam Pokhrel declares candidacy for NAV’s Presidency

As the election for Nepalese Association of Victoria draws near, the fervor and frenzy can be felt. NAVs conference which is to be held next month is going to see a new president and everyone can be seen following the news regarding it. Highly acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Anupam Pokhrel has declared his interest towards the presidency of NAV. He has decided to file for candidacy a...

NAV Cup lifted by The Himalayan Club for the third consecutive year

The Himalayan Club has for the third consecutive time won the prestigious NAV cup. The final game was held on Sunday between defending champions The Himalayan Club and Sagarmatha Stars at T W Blake Park, Melbourne. The finals had seen a huge audience turnover. There were 6 participating teams, namely The Himalayan Club, Sagarmatha Stars, Sagarmatha Renegades, Nare Kings, Brunswick Blues, and Ea...

NAV Excellence Awards nominees being called out for from Victoria’s Nepalese community

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) is calling for nominations from Victorias Nepalese communities for its biannual NAV Excellence Awards in the following five categories. The award criterias are given against each category for consideration by the nominee. Award nomination criteria and the nomination application form are available online on Please contact NAV Awa...

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