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Kathmandu 1 victory to NC's Prakash Man Singh after winning Bibeksheel's Mishra

After what could be called a tight race competition, Nepali Congresss Prakash Man Singh clinched his victory in Kathmandu 1. Prakash Man singh gained 10936 votes whereas Rabindra Mishra only 10118. Both candidates were promising and ensured a well battle. A journalist and literature enthusiast, Rabindra Mishra has joined politics through Bibeksheel Sajha - a new poltical party with promising asp...

Rajan Bhattarai leads Gagan Thapa

The left alliance is leading in Constituency 2 and 4 of Kathmandu while the Nepali Congress is leading in Constituency 1. Of the 2,045 vote counted, Prakash Man Singh of NC has received 940 votes, assistant election officer, Krisha Nepal said. Rabindra Mishra has received 376 votes while Anil Sharma of CPN - (Maoist Center) has received 238 votes. In Constituency 2, Madhav Kumar Nepal is ...

Election Result Updates: How is Kathmandu doing so far?

Vote counting of all 10 constituencies in Kathmandu have begun. In Constituency 1, Congresss Prakash Man Singh is on the lead. Gagan Thapa who was behind Dr. Rajan Bhattarai has won him but the competition is ongoing. Out of the 10 consitituencies, CPN UML has lead in 6, Congress in 3, and Maoist Centre in 1. Election Results Update: Kathmandu District (Vote Counting is ongoing, these are not ...

Rabindra Mishra Cast his vote in Ratnajyoti polling center

Bibeksheel Sajha partys Coordinator Rabindra Mishra cast his vote in RatnaJyoti Mahila Pariwar Bhawan polling center of Bhainsepati Lalitpur. Mishra is unable to vote for his own candidacies as he is contesting from Kathmandu-1. ...

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