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Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits
Source: Reuters

Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits

The Trump administration is considering making it harder for foreigners living in the United States to get permanent residency if they or their American-born children use public benefits such as food assistance, in a move that could sharply restrict legal immigration. The Department of Homeland Security has drafted rules seen by Reuters that would allow immigration officers to scrutinize a pote...

National Assembly elections: Voting concludes in Province 3

The National Assembly elections in Province 3 have ended before the scheduled time on Wednesday. All 348 voters110 Provincial Assembly members and 238 local level representativesfrom Province 3 cast their votes by 2pm. There are 14 candidates in fray for 8 NA seats from the province. Chief Election Officer Bal Mukunda Dawadi informed that the vote count will begin soon after an all-party ...

Sajha Yatayat plans to introduce the first electric bus

Sajha Yatayat plans to introduce the first electric bus within two months and the next three in the first half of this year as pilot models for public transport. Board member with the public transport co-operative Bhushan Tuladhar says this green plan would come to fruition in co-operation with the private sector. The plan enVISAges introducing several models to promote electric buses with s...

NRN Australia and Nari Nikunja Australia organizing a ‘Walk for Welfare for Women’ on March 10

NRN Australia will be organizing a Walk for Welfare for Women on March 1oth, 2018. The walkathon aims to collect AUD 100,000 which shall be utilized towards various welfare programs 60% shall be used by Nari Nikunja Australia for their welfare programs and 40% will be deposited in NRN Australias Welfare Fund. A press release was organized on Sunday to reveal the walkathon in ADs Kitchen, Camps...

Can Trump be seen going soft with the new proposal?
Source: Image: Border prototype (Reuters), News: Pankaj Thapa,

Can Trump be seen going soft with the new proposal?

Well most of us know how Trump can be? He tweets pretty much everything - then why hasnt he tweeted this counter offer propsed to the U.S. Congress by the White House? He possibly could be too busy with the productive meetings he has had with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Or is he possibly softeni...

Trump offers 'Dreamers' a path to citizenship, wants other immigration curbs

U.S. President Donald Trump is offering a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million young illegal immigrants but insists on measures that would curb some legal immigration programs and provide a border wall with Mexico, senior White House officials said on Thursday. The White House offered to more than double the number of Dreamers - people brought to the country illegally as children - who wou...

Democrats withdraw offer to fund Trump's border wall

Democrats said on Tuesday they had withdrawn an offer to fund U.S. President Donald Trumps border wall, as tough negotiations over the future of young illegal immigrants known as Dreamers resumed in the Senate. A day after the end of a government shutdown linked to wrangling over immigration, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he pulled the offer because of what he said was Trumps fail...

U.S. Government shutdown ends, some effects of the shutdown felt in Nepal too

The U.S. Government shutdown has been lifted after Congress passed the bill regarding temporary funding. The Democrats agreed to pass the fund after Republicans promised to debate on the future of the young illegal immigrants at a later date. For now, the U.S. shutdown has officially ended. The U.S. Government was shutdown for 3 days - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. US Embassy in Nepal announces...

Expert VISA and Education Services Fair 2018 an opportunity for students to avail free and professional guidance

Expert Education and VISA Services, Brisbane is organizing an Education and VISA Fair 2018 on Monday, 22nd of January. The fair will be held in their office at 97 Creek Street, Brisbane. 25 plus educational institutions have decided to be a part of the fair. Students, prospective or current, will have an opportunity to consult with any of the 25 educational institutions/universities; enquire a...

ATO to dig into taxation history of international students, visa holders, and migration agents
Source: Inputs from SBS and The Courier Mail

ATO to dig into taxation history of international students, VISA holders, and migration agents

According to a report in The Courier Mail, the Australian Taxation Office has decided to audit VISA holders, international students working in Australia and migration agents who aid people in their migration process. Over 20 million migrants records shall be checked to ensure they have paid taxes and enforce superannuation requirement. The audit shall also scrutinize migration agents to check frau...

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