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Melamchi: 8.3km tunnel works over

In a major breakthrough, the Melamchi Water Supply Project has completed digging of the 8.3-km tunnel along the Ambathan-Gyalthum stretch. The tunnel work was completed on Friday midnight after two controlled explosions, projects Information Officer Rajendra Panta said on Saturday. The walls of the tunnel are being plastered after the breakthrough, he added. The remaining 443 metres of tun...

Tunnel boring machine to be installed within a month

The first ever tunnel boring machine (TBM) to be used in a construction project in Nepal will be installed within a month. The TBM will be used to dig the tunnel of the the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project. Previously, the project office had estimated that the installation of the TBM would take two months. However, technicians of the US based manufacturer of the TBM, Robbins, are on t...

South Australia celebrates dashain with great pride

It is no doubt that Australia is a multi-cultural country. People from different races have come into this country and call it home, Nepalis included. Cultural assimilation is an important aspect of multiculturalism, and Australia knows just how to do that. One can find Australians celebrating Chinese New Year, South American festivals, and now this year Nepali dashain. An estimated 100,000 Nepali...

Dr. KC begins 13th hunger strike

Dr Govinda KC began his 13th fast-unto-death on Thursday demanding that the Health Profession Education (HPE) Bill be endorsed immediately keeping the recommendations made by a team of experts intact. The orthopaedic surgeons 13th hunger strike in the last five years comes days after he postponed his 12th fast-unto-death which he launched on September 25 amid talks that parliamentarians were pl...

Dashain in Australia: Nepalis in a festive spirit
Source: News Desk

dashain in Australia: Nepalis in a festive spirit

With just a couple of days left, people are managing their times to visit relatives/families to get their Tika (blessings) from elders. And this year, the level of celebrations in the Nepali community of Australia was no less than that of Nepal. The auspicious times for Ghatasthapana, Tika, and Devi Bisarjan for each Australian city was published by Nepali Hindu Parishad. Treasurer of Nepali Hindu...

Provincial capitals and governors to be decided soon
Source: RSS

Provincial capitals and governors to be decided soon

Two years after since the constitution has come into effect, the government is all set to announce temporary provincial capitals under the new federal setup. The high-powered Federal Administration Restructuring Committee formed by the government has recommended 15 cities out of which the seven provincial capitals will be chosen. Janakpur, Pokhara and Surket have been recommended as possible p...

New Kumari Trishna Shakya anointed as Living Goddess
Source: RSS

New Kumari Trishna Shakya anointed as Living Goddess

Three-year-old Trishna Shakya of Dallu has taken charge as the new Living Goddess Kumari after her predecessor Matina Shakya retired. As part of an ancient tradition, Kumari is worshipped as living goddesses both by Hindus and Buddhists. Outgoing Kumari Matina Shakya, now 12-year-old, returned home on Thursday after assuming the role of Living Goddess for nine years. Matina was picked for the ...

Australian opposition party leader Bill Shorten extends Dashain greetings
Source: Media Release

Australian opposition party leader Bill Shorten extends dashain greetings

Australias opposition Labour Party leader has extended greetings on the occasion of Nepali festival Bada dashain. The Partys federal parliamentary leader Bill Shorten extended the best wishes to all Nepalis saying Bada dashain is the biggest festival of Nepali people.With increasing Nepali population in Australia, Australian prime minister and opposition party leaders have been giving importance t...

Dashain celebrations sees a surge in liquor sales
Source: RSS

dashain celebrations sees a surge in liquor sales

Liqour sales have been soaring as families have been getting together to celebrate the almost fortnight long festival. Liquor store owners expect a surge in sales while consumers look for the best drink at affordable prices. Nearly 20 percent of imported alcohol such as Johnnie Walker whiskeys, VAT 69, Absolut vodka is sold during dashain alone, according to Roshan Shakya, sales manager of Carniva...

Almost half of Kathmandu residents leave for their hometowns

From a rough estimate of almost a million residents in Kathmandu Valley, almost half of the population have left for their respective hometowns. According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division spokesperson Umesh Ranjit, this data includes the number of passengers leaving the Kathmandu Valley since September 5. The number of people entering the Valley is said to be minimal. As the dashain...

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