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Australia's first minister for the prevention of family violence, Northcote Labor MP Fiona Richardson, has died after a battle with cancer.

Premier Daniel Andrews paid tribute on Wednesday night to a tireless campaigner who stood up for the safety of women and children; who knew no fear and tolerated no prejudice. She was a person of conviction, of character, of extraordinary composure, Mr Andrews said. Those qualities combined with an intellect and instinct thats among the sharpest Ive known made her someone who can never be re...

Why should immigrants speak perfect English when Australians can't?
Source: SMH.Australia

Why should immigrants speak perfect English when Australians can't?

How does Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull expect migrants to achieve functional standards of speech when most Australians cant even pronounce the name of our own country? While it appears that Turnbull has been motivated to attract more Pauline Hanson voters with his new citizenship test requirements, he is attacking the wrong communication deficit. We have a serious communication skills pro...

Amber Heard stars in video on domestic violence
Source: BBC

Amber Heard stars in video on domestic violence

Amber Heard, who just settled her acrimonious divorce case with Johnny Depp, has spoken out about eliminating violence against women in a video. The actress partnered with the #GirlGaze Project for a new video about domestic violence, and briefly shared her personal story, reported People magazine. I guess there was a lot of shame attached to that, the label of victim. It happens to so many wom...

One girl under 15 married every seven seconds: report
Source: RSS

One girl under 15 married every seven seconds: report

One girl under the age of 15 is married every seven seconds, according to a new report by Save the Children. Girls who marry too early often cant attend school, and are more likely to face domestic violence, abuse and rape. They fall pregnant and are exposed to STIs (sexually transmitted infections) including HIV, she added. According to the study, girls as young as 10 are forced to marry mu...

domestic violence amongst Nepalese in Australia on the rise

A survey done 2 months ago has found that 25 percent of Nepalese in Australia have experienced domestic violence. It was also found that significant male populations also have experienced domestic violence. Upon realizing the increasing rate of domestic violence, a study was done to find out domestic violence rates in all seven states of Australia. 5 kinds of abuses were studied mental, social...

Amber Heard's fans call for boycott of Depp's new film

Amber Heards fans are calling to boycott her estranged husband Johnny Depps new movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, amid shocking domestic violence claims. The 30-year-old actress, who has been granted a restraining order from Depp after filing for divorce, has received a lot of support on Twitter after being photograph with a bruised eye, reports One Twitter user wrote: I ...

Teenager leaves home to escape ‘forced marriage’
Source: RSS

Teenager leaves home to escape ‘forced marriage’

Nineteen-year-old Rinku Thakur of Chhapkaiya in Birgunj-2 left her house on Wednesday morning after her parents reportedly forced her to marry against her wish. Her father Nagendra had arranged her marriage with a man from Ghodsahan in India. Rinku, who works as a news reader at a local radio station, said her father had reportedly offered Rs 130,000 as a dowry to the boys family. I just dont wi...

Drunken Indian husband kills wife and father in law in Brisbane
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

Drunken Indian husband kills wife and father in law in Brisbane

Brisbane police have arrested a 43 year old Indian man for the murder of his wife and mother in law. Drunken Balvinder Ghuman amidst a heated argument with his wife and mother in law killed his wife Manjinder. He also stabbed 72 year old father in law Shrawan Singh who was trying to save his daughter. Mother in law Sukhvinder Ghuman is critically injured. Witnesses state that Balvinder was s...

Domestic violence within Nepalese diaspora: Seek help if necessary
Source: Ram Khatry for

domestic violence within Nepalese diaspora: Seek help if necessary

He went overseas and came back after a month. He did not drink whole time and also met my parents. I went back to him thinking he has changed. But the violence continued. This real-life testimony of a patient given to Dr Ghana Shyam Chapagain speaks volumes about the way the scourge of domestic violence is slowly eating into Australias young Nepalese community. But then this is also the country...

Photography exhibition depicting domestic violence upon women being held in Sydney

A photo exhibition portraying domestic violence upon women is going to be hosted in Sydney, Australia. At the event scheduled on 5th March at Granville, a major discussion on women violence in developed countries will be made. The real victims of domestic violence will share the facts how they have become victims. According to Rajbangsi, women who contribute in various fields will be honored in th...

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