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Wami Sampark Forum and Victoria Gulmi Society award Principal Sapkota of Wami

A special meeting was organised yesterday to felicitate an award to Mr. Bhimlal Sapkota of Wami VDC, Gulmi. Mr. Sapkota has conributed more than 28 years of his life to improving the education sector. He was the principal of Mahendra Adarsh Higher Secondary School and the President of Gulmi Districts Teachers Union, and is currently visiting Australia. gulmi samaj australia to appreciate his award...

Gulmi Samaj Australia's Interim Committee formed
Source: Press Release

gulmi samaj australia's Interim Committee formed

04/07/2016 is an important historical day for Gulmi Samaj Victoria Australia. The organization has formed its first Interim executive Committee via a community meeting at Mitcham Park, Mithcham Victoria Australia. The organization has been formed when a necessity for a not for profit organization to support the Gulmelis of Australia was realized. Executive Members elected are as following; 1...

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