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Sydney Trains chaos Day 2: Commuters suffer amidst lack of drivers and bad weather

Sydney Trains passengers are not happy! Social media is abuzz with stories of how their commute was delayed, how someone missed their flights, and how someone is late for work. The hot and the bad weather only adds to the woes of the commuters and Sydney Trains. lack of staff, and damage to rail infrastructure caused by lightning strikes the previous night, has caused major delays on multiple r...

US to quit UNESCO over 'anti-Israel' biasness

U.S. officials have told The Associated Press that the United States is pulling out of UNESCO, after repeated criticism of resolutions by the U.N. cultural agency that Washington sees as anti-Israel. While the U.S. stopped funding UNESCO after it voted to include Palestine as a member in 2011, the State Department has maintained a UNESCO office at its Paris headquarters and sought to weigh in o...

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