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‘Tag a mate, Bring a mate’ campaign for nepal festival 2016 Melbourne chapter

nepal festival 2016 Melbourne Chapter is drawing close and preparations are in frenzy. In a program organised on Saturday, NRN Australia stated the preparations that have been made till date. Almost 34 community organizations, including Nepalese Association of Victoria were a part of this discussion to make the festival a grand success, said Keshav Kandel, NRN Australias Vice President and Vict...

Melbourne gears up for nepal festival 2016, grand preparations ongoing, invites being sent out

After a big bash in Sydney and Brisbane, nepal festival 2016, Melbourne is fast approaching. It is scheduled for the 17th of December and festivities shall be ongoing all day. Nepal Festival is held every two years and can be safely said the biggest Nepalese community festival in Australia. Nepalese in Melbourne are urged to visit and support the festival. Amongst activities there shall be spo...

Thousands attend Nepal Festival 2016 Sydney Chapter
Source: MNTV News

Thousands attend nepal festival 2016 Sydney Chapter

After a hit in Brisbane, Nepal Festival Sydney 2016 has been an official success as well. With thousands of attendees, Sydney side Nepalese had immense fun at Darling Harbour on Saturday. The next chapter will be held in Melbourne on December 17th. Thr program started at 10 a.m. and the chief highlights were Nepalese band Kandara and other artists such Sugam Pokhrel, Anju Pant, and Manju Poudel...

Nepal Festival 2016 Brisbane chapter a huge success
Source: MNTV News/ Images: Kiran Khanal

nepal festival 2016 Brisbane chapter a huge success

The first chapter of the Nepalese festival which is held in Australia every two years has been successfully held in Brisbane on Saturday the 12th of November. The festival is held with a mission to increase bonding within and outside the community in a festive spirit. The chief guest of the program was Queenslands multicultural minister Hon. Grace Grace who along with NRN ICC President Shesh Ghale...

nepal festival 2016: Prepare to rock with Nepathya in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

Preparations for nepal festival 2016, which is held every 2 years has officially begun. The dates have been finalised for 26th November in Sydney and will be hosted in other major cities too. NRN New South Wales secretary Bhupal Sitaula has informed that this year the festival should attract a huge audience working towards making it possible. They have signed a contract with Nepathya and will b...

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