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nrn victoria creates smiles through its ‘picnic for parents’

Non Resident Nepali Australias Victorian chapter has created a lot of smiles this Sunday. It hosted a picnic for elders and parents in Melbourne. An initiative of nrn victoria, it was organized jointly by Nepalese Association of Victoria and the Consulate Generals office in Victoria. It almost seemed bad weather would get away with its cause; however the merriment overtook the weather at Melbou...

A picnic for parents on Sunday - An initiative by nrn victoria

Non-Resident Nepali Association Australias Victorian chapter is organizing a picnic for parents and elderlies on Sunday, the 26th of November. The picnic is aiming to bring together parents and guardians who are in Australia either for a short or long time. According to Secretary Gautam Lamichhane, the picnic is an initiative by NRN to increase community harmony and wellbeing. The picnic will be h...

$50,000 support towards Nepalese Community Centre in Melbourne by Hon. Consul Gen. to Victoria Chandra Yonzon; more than $100,000 raised in a fundraiser

Nepalese from Victoria have raised above $100,000 in a fund raising dinner for an own Nepalese community centre in Melbourne. The dinner was held in Laila Reception, Brunswick and Honorary Consul General to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon announced a donation of a staggering $50,000 towards the project. This is the largest personal contribution made. Funds were also raised through membership and auction...

Historically insightful documentary 'Hijacking for Democracy' screened in Melbourne

A historically insightful documentary showing the hijacking of a plane to establish democracy in Nepal by Congress was screened in Melbourne yesterday. Screened in regional Big Belly restaurant, the amount of audience was overwhelming. The movie is based on why and how the plane was hijacked. Due to lack of funds, Congress had to hijack the plane to source funds to fulfill its plans and build a de...

nrn victoria taking elderlies and parents to Bendigo

nrn victoria has organised a day trip for visiting parents and elderlies to Bendigo on the 12th of June. Bendigo is a city in Victoria approximately 150 kms north west of Melbourne. The itinerary includes a temple visit, monastery visit, and a visit to the gold mines which made the city boom during the Victorian era. A picnic is also a part of the trip. Participating parents will meet at Feder...

NAV hosts its introductory and interaction program

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) has held its introductory and interaction program. This program was held with an intention to familiarize all new post holders of the association to each other. President Dr. Anupam Pokhrel introduced all members in a tea program which was held in a library hall in Coburg. He also presented NAVs immediate and future programs. Present in the program wer...

NRN Walk for Welfare: Nepalese in Victoria show huge support
Source: News Desk

NRN Walk for Welfare: Nepalese in Victoria show huge support

Victorias turn for Walk for Welfare finally came and Nepalese in Victoria showed a huge sign of support. Organised by nrn victoria, the participants showed up for the walk at 10 a.m. sharp. People held banners of NRN and the Nepalese and Australian flags. The program was held for a noble cause and Nepalese in Victoria showed huge signs of support. NRN Walk for Welfare is being held to raise fu...

NRN Walk for Welfare at Melbourne on Sunday
Source: News Desk

NRN Walk for Welfare at Melbourne on Sunday

NRN Australias plan to set up a trust fund for the welfare of students is gaining pace as Walk for Welfare goes to different cities of Australia. Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth were received very well and NRN is gearing up for Sundays walk at Melbourne. Organised by nrn victoria, the program is scheduled for 17th of April and will start at 10 a.m. from Alexandra Garden, City. NRN has appealed for ...

Melbourne ready to welcome Nepali New Year 2073
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

Melbourne ready to welcome Nepali New Year 2073

Special program will be organized in Melbourne, Australia to welcome the Nepali new year 2073. Traditional Nepali folk songs and lokdohori programs are lined up to welcome the new Nepali year. The program will be organized by nrn victoria and Chitwan Samaj Victorias association. The main attraction of the program will be performances of renowned folk singes Pasupati Sharma and s...

Nepal Festival 2016: Prepare to rock with Nepathya in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

Preparations for Nepal Festival 2016, which is held every 2 years has officially begun. The dates have been finalised for 26th November in Sydney and will be hosted in other major cities too. NRN New South Wales secretary Bhupal Sitaula has informed that this year the festival should attract a huge audience working towards making it possible. They have signed a contract with Nepathya and will b...

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