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Nepal’s flag waves proudly in multicultural pako festival

Nepal participated in the revered multicultural festival pako festival held in Geelong, Victoria on Saturday. Exhibiting its traditional attire, cultural instruments, Nepalese in Australia proudly waved Nepals national flag. They also held various play cards. Multicultural Minister Robin Scott had attended the event as a guest. Nepalese put on Khada on visitors. People who participated in the para...

Nepal to participate in ‘Pako Festival’, Geelong, all should join to reflect our culture
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

Nepal to participate in ‘pako festival’, Geelong, all should join to reflect our culture

The Nepalese community, this year again is taking part in pako festival with an aim to promote Nepal in the international platform. They have requested all Nepalese living in Australia to take part in the event and promote Nepal, which will be hosted at Parkington Street, Geelong West on 27th February. Nepalese communitys order number is 12 this year. Thousands of people attend the festival and...

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