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Ex de-facto PM Regmi and Hon. Consul General Yonzon meet with Victorian Legislative Council President Hon. Bruce Atkinson

Khil Raj Regmi, Ex-Prime Minister of Nepal (de-facto) from 2013 - 2014 and former Chief Justice of Nepal along with Chandra Yonzon, Honorary Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria paid a visit to Honorary Bruce Atkinson, the president of the Victorian Legislative Council. Regmi was accompanied by his wife and other community members in the meet which was held in the Victorian parliament house. ...

Milo Yiannopoulos: Protesters clash outside Melbourne event

Two people have been arrested after protesters clashed outside an Australian event hosted by ultra-conservative figure Milo Yiannopoulos. Riot police moved in when tensions between opposing protest groups escalated in Melbourne on Monday night. Five police officers suffered minor injuries - one was hit by a rock. Mr Yiannopoulos, a UK writer who has been criticised over videos in which he...

Traffic disruption by Leftist Alliance in New Baneshwor, violating EC Code of Conduct

Yet again, the Election Code of Conduct has been violated. This time by the Left Alliance (CPN UML and CPN Maoist Centre). The following line has been quoted from the Election Code of Conduct: No procession or mass meeting, rally, assembly, gathering or campaign shall be organised or cause to be organised by causing obstruction to public transportation In New Baneshwor Chowk, just outside...

Ambassador Sherpa and Foreign Minister Bishop meet, discuss students, trade, and a possible state level visit to Nepal

A high level meeting between Her Excellency Nepali Ambassador to Australia, Lucky Sherpa and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was held on Thursday at the Australian parliament house. When revealed in the meeting by H.E Sherpa that a high profile Australian Ministerial visit to Nepal had not been done yet, Foreign Minister Bishop was shocked. She has said that she has a desire to visit Nepa...

Incumbent Parliament to be dissolved on Friday
Source: RSS

Incumbent Parliament to be dissolved on Friday

The incumbent Parliament will dissolve on Friday, a week prior to its automatic dissolution. According to Bharat Raj Gautam, Parliament will be dissolved on Friday as incumbent lawmakers will be going to their respective constituencies for the federal and provincial elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7. As per the constitution, incumbent Parliament is automatically dissolved a ...

South Australia celebrates Dashain with great pride

It is no doubt that Australia is a multi-cultural country. People from different races have come into this country and call it home, Nepalis included. Cultural assimilation is an important aspect of multiculturalism, and Australia knows just how to do that. One can find Australians celebrating Chinese New Year, South American festivals, and now this year Nepali Dashain. An estimated 100,000 Nepali...

Nepal Festival fever is officially on: Nepalese FM in city, meeting Julie Bishop and Bill Shorten tomorrow

Nepal Festival fever is officially on with the Himalayan nations foreign minister Prakash Sharan Mahat arriving in Sydney Wednesday evening. He was received at the Sydney International Airport by a number of Nepali Congress (Nepals oldest and largest political party) activists based in Australia. Organisers of the Festival and the acting Nepalese ambassador in Canberra were also at the airport to ...

Nepalese in Australia wish to apply for an Australian Visa from Nepal itself
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

Nepalese in Australia wish to apply for an Australian Visa from Nepal itself

Nepalese in Australia citing partiality issues faced in Delhi High Commission and other constraints have appealed to the Australian Government to make provisions for Australian Visa application in Nepal itself. A team of leaders of the Nepalese community met with the oppositions labor partys senior leaders at the parliament house in Canberra and appealed for visa processing for Nepalese to be f...

Madhesi Morcha lawmakers obstruct parliament meeting
Source: Ekantipur

Madhesi Morcha lawmakers obstruct parliament meeting

The Legislature Parliament meeting has been adjourned for Thursday after obstruction from the lawmakers of the agitating Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha cadres. Morcha lawmakers obstructed Mondays meeting immediately after Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar gave time to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa to speak. Meanwhile, Nepal Workers Peasants Party lawmakers also chanted...

Nepalese protest against Indian Blockade outside the Australian Parliament House
Source: Himalayan Kangaroo

Nepalese protest against Indian Blockade outside the Australian parliament house

The Nepalese community living in Australia protested outside Australias parliament house against the continuous unofficial Indian blockade. To convey the information to the international community about the Indian blockade on a landlocked country like Nepal, NRN Australia carried out todays program as the second phase of the protest program. Nepalese from several states gathered at Australias c...

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